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Type of Bear cub villager Vladimir cbr06
Artwork of Vladimir the Bear cub
Species Personality Gender
Bear cub Cranky Male
Birthday August 2nd Leo
Favorite saying "Trouble never comes alone."
Catchphrase "nyet"
Clothing Tiger Print[nb 1]
Lite Polka Tee[nb 2]
Striped Shirt (Purple)[nb 3]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
Phrase in other languages
 ну не-е-ет

Vladimir is a cranky bear cub villager in the Animal Crossing series. He appears in all games to date except Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. "Vladimir" is a traditional Russian name, and "nyet," his catchphrase, is Russian for "no"; the juxtaposition of these with his species references the common representation of Russia as a bear.

In New Horizons, Vladimir has the play hobby and can run around with his arms extended at any time, rather than only outside Resident Services during a scripted activity with a group of villagers.


Artwork of Vladimir from Animal Crossing.


Vladimir is a pink bear cub with bubblegum pink-tipped paws and muzzle. He also has a scruff of blond hair. His eyebrows are thick and meet in a unibrow. He has buckteeth as well. In Doubutsu no Mori, Vladimir has smaller pupils and a larger nose and mouth.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.

Vladimir is a cranky villager, which means he is stubborn and easily annoyed when things are not going his way. He will appear rude and belittling towards the player, but will eventually warm up to them, considering them to be his only friend. He will find the usual hobbies of fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting, fashion, and furniture collecting considerably more interesting compared to other village types, adding more reason behind the hobbies than other villagers. He will get along with other cranky villagers and snooty villagers, who share the same interests and meaningful discussions. He will often suggest planting false information on peppy villagers when no interesting events are happening in the town, usually to the disgust of the normal villagers.

Villager information[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

Species Personality Catchphrase
Bear cub Cranky nyet
Default clothing Tiger Print PG Model.png Tiger Print
Default umbrella Flame Umbrella PG Model.png Flame Umbrella
Star sign (DnMe+) Leo Leo
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style (DnMe+) Strange
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style (DnMe+) Cute
Live song gift (DnMe+) K.K. Lament

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Strange
Smallxmark.png Cute
Furniture Genre Retro/Dignified
Furniture Series Robo
Furniture Color Yellow
Ideal Furniture for Vladimir – Yellow Retro/Dignified
Name Price Available From
Exotic Lamp 1,800 Tom Nook
Classic Sofa 2,240 Tom Nook
Regal Lamp 2,400 Tom Nook
Snowman TV - Snowman
Gorgeous Stool 80,000 GracieGrace
Oil Drum 840 Tom Nook
Cash Register 6,480 Tom Nook
Screen 1,650 Tom Nook
Sword 1,400 Tom Nook
Bow 1,400 Tom Nook
More Yellow Furniture More Retro/Dignified Furniture

In New Leaf[edit]

Trouble never comes alone.



Birthday Personality Catchphrase
August 2 Leo Cranky nyet
Default clothing Lite Polka Tee NL Model.png Lite Polka Tee
Default umbrella Flame Umbrella NL Model.png Flame Umbrella
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Flashy
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Basic
Favorite color
Siblings Second of 6 kids
Skill Belly dancing
Goal Movie director
Halloween fear Skeleton Hood NL Model.png Skeleton Hood
Coffee preferences
Type of beans Mocha
Amount of milk Lots
Amount of sugar Three spoonfuls

In New Horizons[edit]

Trouble never comes alone.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
August 2 Leo Cranky (B) nyet
Default clothing Striped Shirt (Purple) NH Icon.png Striped Shirt (Purple)
Default umbrella Camo Umbrella NH Icon.png Camo Umbrella
Default phone  Default Phone Case (Yellow) NH Model.png  Yellow
Final phone  Phone Case (Cool - Fabric 6) NH Model.png  Cool - Fabric 6
Favorite styles Simple and Cool
Favorite colors
Hobby Play
Carried bag Paper Bag NH Model.png Paper
Book Play Book Interior NH Texture.png Comic
Food Lollipop Food NH Model.png Lollipop
Drink Soda can Drink NH Model.png Soda can
Popsicle Ramune-soda Popsicle NH Model.png Ramune-soda
Ideal clothing for Vladimir – Yellow / Colorful Simple and Cool clothing
Villagers prefer clothing that matches any one of their favorite colors or styles.
For brevity, the following list only shows clothing that matches both favorite colors and one favorite style.
Name Image Price Available from

No results

More Yellow Items
More Colorful Items
More Simple Items
More Cool Items

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

Thought bubble Don't wanna be found. Need an underground lair.
Client's vision An Underground Lair
Required items Mining Car
Metal Pot
Favorite song  K.K. Marathon
Unlocked items
Other items:
  •  Shovel
  • House[edit]

    In Doubutsu no Mori and Doubutsu no Mori+[edit]

    In Animal Crossing[edit]

    In City Folk[edit]

    Interior of Vladimir's house in Animal Crossing: City Folk
     Detour Arrow  Traffic Cone
     Jackhammer  Iron Frame
     Tape Deck  Robo-Bed
     Handcart  Steam Roller
    Wall:  Chainlink Fence
    Floor:  Sandlot
    Music: Agent K.K.

    In New Leaf[edit]

    Exterior of Vladimir's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Interior of Vladimir's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
     Iron Frame (x2)  Steamroller
     Oil Barrel  Detour Arrow
     Jackhammer  Traffic Cone
     Tape Deck
    Wall:  Chain-Link Fence
    Floor:  Ramshackle Floor
    Music:  Agent K.K.

    In New Horizons[edit]

    Other appearances[edit]

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    Happy Home Designer client information
    Example of Vladimir's Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Vladimir's Happy Home Designer icon

    Trouble never comes alone.
    Thought bubble I want a room that connects to an underground realm.
    Client's vision A way below ground.
    Required items Manhole Cover
    Favorite song  K.K. Milonga
    Unlocked items
     Oil Barrel    Sawhorse    Pylon Set  
     Manhole Cover    K.K. Milonga    Vladimir's Pic  
     Stone Wall    Dig-Site Wall    Blue Tarp  
     Cracked Concrete    Dirt Floor  
     Dig-Site Floor  
     Orange Jacket    Lite Polka Tee    Orange Pants  
     Safety Helmet    Jester's Mask    Gas Mask  
     Flame Umbrella  
    Starting house: House of Vladimir HHD Exterior.png

    Card profiles[edit]

    Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

    Animal Crossing-e 2-108 (Vladimir).jpg

    Card back

    Animal Crossing-e 2-108 (Vladimir - Back).jpg

    #108 Vladimir - Series 2
    Gender: Male
    Clothes: Tiger Print
    Sign: Leo
    Phrase: nyet
    Profile: There's a reason Vladimir's so mean. Look at him! If you were all pink and stuff, you'd be mean too. Seriously, though, he's just tired of people nibbling on his head to see if he tastes like cotton candy.
    Password: sRL8EUjXSmitWC

    amiibo card[edit]

    132 Vladimir amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo card back.png

    #132 Vladimir - Series 2
    Star sign: Leo
    Birthday: August 2
    Dice value: 2
    Hand sign: Scissors



    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese ガビ

    Korean 곰비

    Simplified Chinese 多多 (iQue)

    Simplified Chinese 嘉弼
    Gabi, from Japanese name

    Russian Владимир
    From English name

    Dutch Vladimir Same as English name

    German Vladimir Same as English name

    European Spanish Vladimir Same as English name

    European French Vladimir Same as English name

    Italian Vladimir Same as English name

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