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002 Marty sanrio amiibo card EU.png
""Just wait until I get started!""
Species Personality Gender
Cub Lazy Male
Birthday April 16th
Star sign Aries Aries
Initial phrase pompom(EN)
Initial clothes Pompompurin outfit
Favorite song My Place

Marty is a lazy cub villager in the Animal Crossing series. He was introduced in the Welcome amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.



Marty is a yellow cub with an acorn hat. He is based off of the Sanrio character Pompompurin.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, Marty will be easy to get along with due to his laid back lifestyle. Like all lazy villagers, he shares an interest in food and relaxing. He will get along well with other villager types such as the normal villagers who act as a mother or elder sister figure and peppy villagers who appear to be around the same age. He also gets along easily with smug and uchi villagers, and sometimes cranky villagers as well. He may offend or confuse jock villagers, who have a conflicting lifestyle of exercise and fitness, who do not understand the reason behind the lazy lifestyle choice. Snooty villagers do not get along with him because of him constantly bringing up food in his conversations with them.


Marty's house/mobile home is also based on Pompompurin.

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