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This article is about the alter ego of K.K. Slider. For the K.K. Slider song, see DJ K.K..
"K.K. Slider? Yeah, I've heard of him, but am I him? I'm not saying yes. But I'm not saying no either, dig? One thing I can say is: right here, right now, I'm DJ KK. That's it, and that's all."
— DJ KK, Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Artwork of DJ KK
Species Gender
Dog Male
Birthday August 23rd Virgo
Favorite saying "Nothing shredded, nothing gained."
Role Song remixes
Main appearances

Other appearances
Name in other languages
 DJ K.K.
 DJ K.K.
 DJ K.K.
 DJ Kéké
 DJ KeKe
 DJ K.K.
 DJ Kéké
 DJ KeKe

DJ KK is an alter ego of K.K. Slider that first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Unlike the regular K.K., DJ KK routinely plays on a turntable instead of playing with a guitar.



DJ KK is identical in appearance to K.K. Slider, as a white-furred dog with thick black eyebrows. However, he now wears a different outfit with black thick-rimmed glasses, an orange beanie, and headphones. In Pocket Camp, DJ KK wears a black shirt with "KK" written on it.


In contrast to his more mellow personality as K.K. Slider, DJ KK is displayed as outgoing and active, becoming a so-called "life of the party." He can be seen jumping and even dancing as he plays music on his turntable. While they are indicated to be the same individual, DJ KK often acts as if he is a different person, and leaves the question up in the air when asked; this may indicate that he takes the persona to avoid recognition.


In New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, DJ KK performs remixed tunes of his tracks for the player to listen to in Club LOL every day (except Saturday where the regular K.K. performs) from 8 PM to 6 AM. Every night alternates between House Night, remixes using K.K.'s guitar, and NES Night (Famicom Night in Japan), which uses 8-bit remixes.

On the player's birthday, DJ KK will play a special remix of "K.K. Birthday," and during New Year's he will play a remix of New Leaf's title theme. The player can also place up to four Gyroids on Club LOL's stage which will randomly make noise to the beat. During DJ KK's concerts, the player can perform different dances by pressing directions on 3DS +Control Pad.svg.

In New Horizons[edit]

While initially absent from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, DJ KK makes his reappearance in version 2.0 update. He can be invited to Photopia and The Roost. He mentions when invited to The Roost that he may or may not be K.K. Slider.

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, DJ KK appears upon the player designing the apparel shop, which is unlocked by designing 30 total homes. Upon the first activation of the event, "ending" sequences occurs with the player dancing alongside Lottie, Niko, Wardell, and various villagers, alongside a recap of the various houses they designed. This sequence can be replayed during music festivals by talking to employees of facilities or Lottie, Niko and Wardell and selecting "Let's go dancing!". If facility employees are invited, any other villagers inside the facilities appear in the sequences instead of the villagers on the beach. Additionally, Wilbur can also be invited to dance, in which case the opening of the sequence focuses on him instead of the player. After the first music festival performance, Wardell explains to the player, Lottie, and Niko that DJ KK was a friend of his, subsequently inviting him to the main archipelago island.

After the initial event, DJ KK hosts a music festival on the main archipelago island every two weeks, lasting from 6 PM on Sunday to 12 AM on Tuesday. After a few music festivals, the event cycles throughout the week, lasting from 6 PM until 12 AM 2 days later every two weeks. Additionally, wooden pillars are constructed on the beach the day before the music festival starts.

During the event, villagers that the player designed houses for wear special t-shirts and bandanas, while villagers who have not had houses designed for them simply wear their default clothing. Additionally, during the event, the apparel shop sells parts of the outfits the villagers wear to the event. DJ KK plays house remixes of his songs like he does in New Leaf; all songs except "K.K. Birthday" have remixes. While the remixes sound very similar to the ones in New Leaf, they are not the same remixes, with a cymbal crash being added to the intro of songs, and some songs such as "K.K. Jongara" have their transitions to intermissions altered. The event's intro cutscene and intermissions use a remix of the leitmotif from Happy Home Paradise's designing themes. The intermissions and outro can vary in key depending on the song played before.

Unlike in Happy Home Designer, DJ KK has a separate house from K.K. Slider rather than simply being an alternate outfit. Neither DJ KK nor K.K.'s vacation homes can be visited while DJ KK is performing at the archipelago because he "isn't there," despite the fact that the vacation home of any other special character can be visited while they are performing their job— even while K.K. Slider is performing on the player's home island, both his and DJ KK's homes can be visited.

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, "K.K. Slider" and "DJ KK" are alternate outfits for the singular entity referred to as "K.K." Their dialogue is identical.

In amiibo Festival[edit]

In Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, DJ KK makes an appearance as K.K. Slider's Lv. 2 outfit for the Board Game.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, DJ KK's beat booth is a special furniture that was available from April 27 to June 26, 2019. This furniture is obtainable by crafting and costs  350 Leaf Tickets. While using the booth, he will cycle between remixes of the game's main theme, the Campsite theme, and the OK Motors theme.

From April 30 to May 11, 2019, DJ KK appeared as the host of the garden event "Idle Beats with DJ KK."

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]




Description NTSC-U: "Yo yo yo! Come rock out at Club LOL! Featuring DJ KK every night of the week (except Saturdays)! Listen to the singer-songwriter bust out a foot-stompin' mix of tunes! Don't forget to come on your birthday for a special treat!" ...That advertisement definitely catches the eye.

PAL: "Get down at Club LOL! DJ KK is IN da HOUSE, spinning a NON-STOP mix of the best beats EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!*

*(Except Saturdays.)

A Special TREAT for birthday VIPs!"

What an ad! So many capital letters...

Acquisition Random

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]




Category Type Class
Primary Spirit Neutral Advanced (★★)
Slots 3 (⬡⬡⬡)
Stats Power: 1,357—5,431
Attack power: 577—2,308
Defense power: 780—3,123
Ability Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99
  • Summon with cores from 9-Volt & 18-Volt and Labrador Retriever
  • Battle via Spirit Board (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Scan the K.K. amiibo
  • Battle information
    Enemy fighters
  • White Duck Hunt
  • Yellow Villager
  • Green Villager
  • Purple Villager
  • Type Neutral
    Power 3,900
    Stage Fourside
  • Assist Trophy Enemies (Squid Sisters)
  • Temporary Invincibility
  • Conditions
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • The enemy will occasionally be invincible after a little while
  • Hostile assist trophies will appear after a little while
  • Music 2:00 a.m. - Animal Crossing: Wild World

    Live concert[edit]

    DJ KK appeared in a concert, titled "DJ KK Paradise Mix!!", on October 8, 2022. It forms as part of the Nintendo Live 2022 event, which also featured the debut of Deep Cut from Splatoon 3.[1][2][3]

    Before the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, K.K. Slider previously appeared live during the Splatoon concerts at the Nintendo Live 2019 event in Kyoto, where he performed "Welcome Horizons".[4]

    Villager information[edit]

    In New Leaf[edit]

    DJ KK
    Nothing shredded, nothing gained.

    DJ KK

    Birthday Gender Species
    August 23 Virgo Male Dog
    Pic version added Welcome amiibo update
    Coffee preferences
    Type of beans Blend
    Amount of milk None
    Amount of sugar None

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    Nothing shredded, nothing gained.

    K.K.'s Happy Home Designer icon

    Example of K.K.'s Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Birthday Gender Species
    August 23 Virgo Male Dog
    Umbrella Leaf Umbrella HHD Icon.png Leaf Umbrella
    House request
    Client's vision I'll leave it up to you!
    Favorite song  K.K. Song
    Unlocked items
  •  DJ's Turntable
  •  K.K. Song
  •  K.K.'s Pic
  • Clothing:
  •  DJ Cap
  •  Leaf Umbrella
  • Starting house: Default exterior of K.K.'s house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In New Horizons[edit]

    DJ KK
    Nothing shredded, nothing gained.

    DJ KK

    Birthday Gender Species
    August 23 Virgo Male Dog
    Initial NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Black) NH Model.png  Black
    Final NookPhone  Phone Case (Checkered 1 - Fabric 19) NH Model.png  Checkered 1 - Fabric 19
    Happy Home Paradise traits
    Umbrella Striped Umbrella NH Icon.png Striped umbrella
    Hobby Music
    Book Music Book NH Icon.png Music

    In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

    DJ KK
    Client's vision Vacation-Home Concept
    Unlocked items

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    003 DJ KK amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #003 DJ KK - Series 1
    Star sign: Virgo
    Birthday: August 23
    Dice value: 3
    Hand sign: Rock



    • In Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a running joke where villagers are not quite sure if DJ KK and K.K. Slider are the same person,[citation needed] which DJ KK will refuse to confirm or deny in New Horizons. However, they are confirmed to be the same person in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player cannot use amiibo to create a situation where both DJ KK and K.K. Slider exist in the same place.
    • DJ KK appears on the covers of "Two Days Ago" and "K.K. House."
    • It is implied that Wardell is friends with DJ KK, and that is why he hosts concerts on the Archipelago.
    • Series sound director Kazumi Totaka said in an interview in Weekly Famitsu #1250 that he came up with the idea for DJ KK because he wanted to find a new way to incorporate K.K.'s many songs. This also led to the idea of music box items.
    • Other than K.K. Slider, his original persona, DJ KK also shares his birthday with Nana.

    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese DJ K.K

    Korean DJ T.K.
    DJ K.K. (New Horizons)

    Simplified Chinese DJ KK

    Russian DJ KK

    Dutch DJ K.K.

    German DJ K.K.

    European Spanish DJ KeKe

    European French DJ Kéké

    Italian DJ K.K.