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"Life is full of many journeys. Where they lead, no one can know."
— Saharah, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
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Saharah NLa.png
Artwork of Saharah in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Species Gender
Camel Male (Japan)
Female (other)
Birthday November 10th Scorpio
Service Rare flooring and wallpaper
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Saharah is a camel in the Animal Crossing series that trades in rare carpets and wallpaper to the player. She has a different service in each Animal Crossing series game. Her name comes from the Sahara Desert in Africa. One of her exclusive carpets is even called "Saharah's Desert".


Animal Crossing[edit]

Saharah PG.png

In the original Animal Crossing, Saharah makes her living selling rare and exotic carpets from faraway lands. Like most of the game's other special characters, Saharah sells items that cannot be found anywhere else. She does, however, have a different way of doing business than Tom Nook; she accepts trade-ins. In order for the player to get their hands on one of her carpets they must trade in one of their carpets along with some money, starting at 3,000 Bells. Her prices double each time the player buys a carpet, up to a maximum of 48,000 Bells. In Animal Crossing she also retains her Japanese male voice.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Saharah WW.png

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Saharah returns and this time she gives rare wallpaper, taking over from Wendell. Instead of her trade-ins, she asks the player to deliver carpet and wallpaper to special characters such as Blathers, the Able Sisters, Tom Nook, Pelly and Phyllis (but never to villagers), similar to the way that the player works for Tom Nook earlier in the game. In return, she will give the player a choice of either rare carpet or wallpaper.

She plays a part in the Golden Axe Trading Event, which involves the player trading various items to other special characters and hopefully get given a Golden Axe. When the player gets to know Saharah, she will talk about how she "longs for a turban". When given a turban, she will either give the player a red vase or a massage chair which can then be used further on in the event, by trading to Tortimer.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Saharah CF.png

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Saharah returns and once again accepts trade-ins. Though the player does not have to pay, she asks for old wallpaper or carpet from other villagers around town, and usually only one or two will have them. If the player saves three of these old wallpapers or carpets every time she visits, she will give the player a rare wallpaper or carpet. If they try to give her a wallpaper or carpet from their home or Tom Nook's Store, she will say that it is "still lovely!" but not accept it.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Saharah NL.png

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Saharah returns and will sell the player a new wallpaper and carpet for 3,000 Bells. When the player meets her, she asks them to lead her to their house. She then leaves the player out of the house temporarily while redecorating the first floor room with a new carpet and wallpaper. Finally, she emerges and gives the player the old carpet and wallpaper. She can install 'normal' walls and carpets as well as rare Saharah originals. If she is on good terms with the player, she reveals that she has a crush on Tom Nook.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Saharah has a chance of appearing as a background character in the stage Smashville, and as a collectible trophy.

Saharah Trophy Brawl.png #281 Saharah
A trader who comes from afar to deliver merchandise. However, since she always forgets to bring a town map, she needs help making her deliveries. Once you've helped her finish all of her tasks, she'll reward you with a gift. Her unique way of phrasing is part of her exotic charm. It is a fine thing, yes?

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

As mentioned before, Saharah appears as a background character in the stage Smashville, in the new stage, Town and City, and as a collectible trophy.

SaharahTrophyWiiU.png #544 Saharah
NTSC-U: Traveling from a faraway land comes the wandering salescamel, Saharah. She's got wallpaper to paper your walls with and carpets to pet your cars with. That's kind of odd, actually... Maybe it's a tradition where she comes from? Either way, she brings many unique things with her when she visits.

PAL: A trader from a faraway land who's big on interior design. She doesn't have her own store, instead carrying her wares around as a travelling merchant - it's hard to tell where you'll find her next! She claims to have many wallpapers for the papering of walls, and carpets for the...petting of cars? Nobody's quite sure if she's being serious.

Villager Info[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Special Camel
Client's Vision: I'll leave it up to you!
Required Items: None
Favorite Song: K.K. Casbah
Favorite Saying: Life is full of many journeys. Where they lead, no one can know.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo RV[edit]

RV of Saharah NL.jpg
Style: No style
Items: Aquarius Urn, Cabin Low Table, Genie's Lamp, Loom x2, Round Mini Cactus, Tile Screen
Wall: WinterLeaf.png Tent Wall
Carpet: WinterLeaf.png Tent Flooring
Music: K.K. Bazaar
RV of Saharah NL.jpg
Style: No style
Items: Aquarius Urn, Cabin Low Table, Genie's Lamp, Loom x2, Round Mini Cactus, Tile Screen
Wall: WinterLeaf.png Tent Wall
Carpet: WinterLeaf.png Tent Flooring
Music: K.K. Bazaar

When visiting Saharah's RV at the campground, the bottom screen will display the following:

"She can tie any room together with the right carpet and wallpaper, but in her spare time, Saharah lets loose with a little car camping."

Card Profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

Animal Crossing-e card
#064 Saharah - Series 2
Gender: Female
Species: Camel
Sign: Scorpio
Password: O#x7W3OssHRKT#
Animal Crossing-e 2-064 (Saharah).jpg
064 Copper Animal Crossing-e cards
#064 Saharah
065 Joan

Animal Crossing amiibo Card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#013 Saharah - Series 1
Type: Special
Star sign: Scorpio
Birthday: November 10th
Dice value: 4
Hand sign: Scissors
013 Saharah amiibo card NA.png
012 Redd List of amiibo cards
#013 Saharah
014 Luna



Sprites and Models[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ローラン
Laurent or Roland
Spanish Alcatifa
French Sarah
Italian Sahara Same as English name.
Korean 사하라
Same as English name.


  • According to cranky villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk, her accent is fake. They claim that she used to do stand-up comedy in the The Marquee and didn't have an accent.
  • Despite being female, Saharah is referred as a male in the Prima Official Strategy Guide for Animal Crossing. This is because she is male in the Japanese games.
  • Even though Saharah is female in the non-Japanese versions of every Animal Crossing game, she still has a male voice in the non-Japanese versions of every Animal Crossing game.