Tortimer Island

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This page is about the location in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For the stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, see Tortimer Island (stage).
Tortimer Island
Tortimer Island Outside.png
The beach on Tortimer Island
Island Shop.JPG
The island shop
Function Tropical Island
Staff Tortimer
Kapp'n (transit to island)
Leilani (transit from island, minigames)
Leila (buying things cheaply)
Grams (Island Shop)
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances
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Tortimer Island is a location introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, partially based on Animal Island. To access the island, the player must have paid off the first debt of 39,800 Bells to Tom Nook. The following day, Isabelle will announce while the game is loading that the previous mayor has arrived.

After talking to Tortimer at the dock, Kapp'n will begin appearing the following day. Kapp'n can take up to four players to the island on his motorboat for 1000 Bells for a round trip, and the location is accessible to Wi-Fi visitors. Players can skip the singing cutscene by hitting the buttons approximately ten times. No items can be taken to Tortimer Island, and all items in every player's pockets will be kept in storage until they return. It is not possible to save the game while on the island, nor is it possible to edit designs on the island.


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Tortimer Island flag

Upon arrival, the player will enter the tour office, run by Kapp'n's family, Leilani, Grams and Leila. The shack contains a box, which can store up to 40 items. When leaving the island, the contents of the box will be transferred to a similar box on the town's dock, and is the only way to bring items back from the island. An Automatic Bell Dispenser is also present, although Bells are generally not used on the island.

Leilani handles tours, which are minigames hosted by Tortimer himself for up to four players, and take place in various other towns and on surrounding islands. Medals are awarded based on every player's performance during the tour, and are used as currency on Tortimer Island. Tours can be played with friends who are on the island, or with random players via online matchmaking. Any items in any player's pocket when beginning a tour will be automatically sold to Leila, with proceeds deposited into the player's personal savings account. Even items that cannot normally be sold to Leila (Excluding rental tools) are automatically sold to her.

Grams operates the island's shop, selling exclusive souvenirs, tools, clothes and furniture which can only be purchased with medals. Leila will purchase insects, fish and sea creatures, but only at 5% of the item's normal value, for a minimum of 10 Bells.

As with the island in Animal Crossing, it is always summer on Tortimer Island, with summer fish and insects always available along with several unique species. The exterior of the island contains several trees, bearing exotic fruits that cannot be found on the mainland, and flowers and bushes. Lloid is located outside the shack, and will rent out tools and wetsuits for use on the island. A beach surrounds the island, and players wearing the wet suit can swim in the water and dive for sea creatures.

Fireworks are not visible while on the island (e.g., on New Year's Eve).

Island Shop merchandise[edit]

Grams sells a variety of items only found at Tortimer Island. The items available and their prices are listed below.

Name Price
Red hibiscus start  5 Medals
Y.-hibiscus start  5 Medals
Yellow/Blue/Red Aloha Tee  15 Medals
Silver axe  8 Medals
Toy hammer  10 Medals
Aloha shorts  15 Medals
Captain's hat  15 Medals
Pirate's hat  15 Medals
Straw hat  15 Medals
Sailor's hat  15 Medals
Kappa Cap  20 Medals
Sand castle  46 Medals
Snorkel mask  20 Medals
Life preserver  25 Medals
Beach table  30 Medals
Wave breaker  35 Medals
Wet suit (any color)  40 Medals
Each Cabana Series furniture piece (including flooring and wallpaper)  40 Medals
Each Mermaid Series furniture piece (including flooring and wallpaper)  40 Medals
Club Tortimer application  50 Medals
Diver Dan  60 Medals
Treasure chest  150 Medals


Below are the lists of creatures that can be found on Tortimer Island and during tours. The creatures that can only be caught during tours are also mainland-exclusive creatures which can be found between the months of June to September. Times may vary from those found in the player's town.

Redhibiscusacnl.png = Found exclusively during tours.
Yellowhibiscusacnl.png = Found exclusively on Tortimer Island.

List of bugs on Tortimer Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

# Name Icon Sell price Size Location Rarity Time
1 Common Butterfly Redhibiscusacnl.png Common Butterfly  90 Bells 54 mm Flying near flowers Very common (G) N/A
2 Yellow Butterfly Redhibiscusacnl.png Yellow Butterfly  90 Bells 54 mm Flying near flowers Common (F) N/A
3 Tiger Butterfly Tiger Butterfly  160 Bells 114 mm Flying near red and pink flowers Uncommon (E) 8 AM - 5 PM
4 Peacock Butterfly Peacock Butterfly  220 Bells 133 mm Flying near blue, purple, and black flowers Very uncommon (D) 8 AM - 5 PM
5 Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly  140 Bells 108 mm Flying near flowers Common (F) 8 AM - 5 PM
6 Emperor Butterfly Emperor Butterfly  2,500 Bells 146 mm Flying near flowers Rare (C) 7 PM - 8 AM
7 Agrias Butterfly Agrias Butterfly  3,000 Bells 53 mm Flying near flowers Rare (C) 8 AM - 5 PM
8 Raja B. Butterfly Redhibiscusacnl.png Raja B. Butterfly  2,500 Bells 178 mm Near freshwater Rare (C) N/A
9 Birdwing Butterfly Birdwing Butterfly  4,000 Bells 250 mm Flying near flowers Very rare (B) 8 AM - 4 PM
11 Oak Silk Moth Oak Silk Moth  1,200 Bells 320 mm On trees (any kind) Very rare (B) 7 PM - 4 AM
14 Long Locust Long Locust  160 Bells 60 mm On the ground Common (F) 8 AM – 5 PM
15 Migratory Locust Migratory Locust  600 Bells 50 mm On the ground Uncommon (E) 8 AM - 7 PM
17 Mantis Mantis  430 Bells 82 mm On flowers Very uncommon (D) 8 AM – 5 PM
18 Orchid Mantis Orchid Mantis  2,400 Bells 25 mm On white flowers Very rare (B) 8 AM - 5 PM
25 Lantern Fly Lantern Fly  1,800 Bells 70 mm On trees (hardwood and cedar) Rare (C) 4 PM – 8 AM
27 Darner Dragonfly Redhibiscusacnl.png Darner Dragonfly  200 Bells 77 mm Flying Uncommon (E) N/A
28 Banded Dragonfly Redhibiscusacnl.png Banded Dragonfly  4,500 Bells ~105 mm Flying Very uncommon (D) N/A
37 Grasshopper Grasshopper  160 Bells 34 mm On the ground Common (F) 8 AM - 5 PM
40 Walking Stick Walking Stick  600 Bells 85 mm On trees (any kind) Very uncommon (D) 4 AM - 8 AM & 5 PM - 7 PM
44 Longhorn Beetle Longhorn Beetle  260 Bells 52 mm On tree stumps Very common (G) 11 PM - 7 PM
45 Tiger Beetle Tiger Beetle  1,500 Bells 18 mm On the ground Rare (C) 4 PM - 11 PM
47 Wharf Roach Wharf Roach  200 Bells 42 mm On beach Very common (G) All day
48 Hermit Crab Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Hermit Crab  1,000 Bells 40 mm On beach Uncommon (E) 7 PM - 8 AM
50 Fruit Beetle Fruit Beetle  100 Bells 20 mm On trees (any kind) Common (F) All day
51 Scarab Beetle Scarab Beetle  6,000 Bells 32 mm On trees (any kind) Very rare (B) 11 PM - 8 AM
53 Miyama Stag Miyama Stag  1,000 Bells 60 mm On trees (any kind) Very uncommon (D) All day
54 Saw Stag Saw Stag  2,000 Bells 54 mm On trees (any kind) Rare (C) All day
55 Giant Stag Giant Stag  10,000 Bells 55 mm On trees (any kind) Rare (C) 11 PM - 8 AM
56 Rainbow Stag Rainbow Stag  10,000 Bells 60 mm On trees (any kind) Very rare (B) 5 PM - 8 AM
57 Cyclommatus Stag Cyclommatus Stag  8,000 Bells 90 mm On palm trees Very rare (B) 5 PM – 8 AM
58 Golden Stag Golden Stag  12,000 Bells 62 mm On palm trees Mythical (A) 5 PM – 8 AM
59 Horned Dynastid Horned Dynastid  1,350 Bells 72 mm On trees (any kind) Very uncommon (D) 5 PM – 8 AM
60 Horned Atlas Horned Atlas  8,000 Bells 152 mm On palm trees Very rare (B) 5 PM – 8 AM
61 Horned Elephant Horned Elephant  8,000 Bells 155.1 mm On palm trees Rare (C) 5 PM – 8 AM
62 Horned Hercules Horned Hercules  12,000 Bells 160 mm On palm trees Mythical (A) 5 PM – 8 AM
63 Goliath Beetle Goliath Beetle  6,000 Bells 108 mm On palm trees Very rare (B) 5 PM - 8 AM

List of fish on Tortimer Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

# Name Icon Sell price Shadow size Fish size Times
2 Pale Chub Redhibiscusacnl.png Pale Chub  200 Bells Tiny Tiny 15 cm 9 AM – 4 PM
3 Crucian Carp Redhibiscusacnl.png Crucian Carp  120 Bells Small Small 20 cm All day
5 Barbel Steed Redhibiscusacnl.png Barbel Steed  200 Bells Medium Medium 50 cm All day
6 Carp Redhibiscusacnl.png Carp  300 Bells Large Large 60 cm All day
10 Killifish Redhibiscusacnl.png Killifish  300 Bells Tiny Tiny 4 cm All day
11 Crawfish Redhibiscusacnl.png Crawfish  200 Bells Small Small 12 cm All day
14 Frog Redhibiscusacnl.png Frog  120 Bells Small Small 12 cm All day
20 Bluegill Redhibiscusacnl.png Bluegill  120 Bells Small Small 25cm 9 AM – 4 PM
22 Black Bass Redhibiscusacnl.png Black Bass  300 Bells Large Large 50 cm All day
25 Sweetfish Redhibiscusacnl.png Sweetfish  900 Bells Medium Medium 25 cm All day
33 Guppy Redhibiscusacnl.png Guppy  1,300 Bells Tiny Tiny 4 cm 9 AM - 4 PM
36 Neon Tetra Redhibiscusacnl.png Neon Tetra  500 Bells Tiny Tiny 2 cm 9 AM - 4 PM
37 Piranha Redhibiscusacnl.png Piranha  2,500 Bells Small Small 30 cm 9 AM - 4 PM & 9 PM - 4 AM
39 Dorado Redhibiscusacnl.png Dorado  15,000 Bells Very Large Very Large 100 cm 4 AM - 9 PM
44 Sea Horse Sea Horse  1,100 Bells Tiny Tiny 8 cm All day
45 Clown Fish Clown Fish  650 Bells Tiny Tiny 15 cm All day
46 Surgeonfish Surgeonfish  1,000 Bells Small Small 31 cm All day
47 Butterfly Fish Butterfly Fish  1,000 Bells Small Small 18 cm All day
48 Napoleonfish Napoleonfish  10,000 Bells Huge Huge 180 cm 4 AM - 9 PM
49 Zebra Turkeyfish Zebra Turkeyfish  400 Bells Medium Medium 30 cm All day
51 Puffer Fish Puffer Fish  240 Bells Medium Medium 35 cm All day
52 Horse Mackerel Horse Mackerel  150 Bells Small Small 40 cm All day
53 Barred Knifejaw Barred Knifejaw  5,000 Bells Medium Medium 60 cm All day
54 Sea Bass Sea Bass  200 Bells Very Large Very Large 100 cm All day
55 Red Snapper Red Snapper  3,000 Bells Medium Medium 90 cm All day
57 Olive Flounder Olive Flounder  800 Bells Large Large 80 cm All day
58 Squid Squid  400 Bells Medium Medium 35 cm All day
59 Moray Eel Moray Eel  2,000 Bells Very Large Very Large 80 cm All day
60 Ribbon Eel Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ribbon Eel  600 Bells Long Long 120 cm All day
63 Blue Marlin Blue Marlin  10,000 Bells Huge Huge 220 cm All day
64 Giant Trevally Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Giant Trevally  4,500 Bells Very Large Very Large 180 cm All day
65 Ray Ray  3,000 Bells Very Large Very Large 120 cm 4 AM - 9 PM
66 Ocean Sunfish Ocean Sunfish  4,000 Bells Huge (finned) Huge (finned) 300 cm 4 AM – 9 PM
67 Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead Shark  8,000 Bells Huge (finned) Huge (finned) 250 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
68 Shark Shark  15,000 Bells Huge (finned) Huge (finned) 540 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
69 Saw Shark Saw Shark  12,000 Bells Huge (finned) Huge (finned) 150 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
70 Whale Shark Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Whale Shark  13,000 Bells Huge (finned) Huge (finned) 600 cm All day
Sea creatures[edit]

List of sea creatures on Tortimer Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

# Name Icon Sell price Shadow size Shadow movement Size Time
1 Seaweed Seaweed  200 Bells Large Stationary 80 cm All day
2 Sea Grapes Sea Grapes  600 Bells Small Stationary 20 cm All day
3 Sea Urchin Sea Urchin  800 Bells Small Stationary 12 cm All day
4 Acorn Barnacle Acorn Barnacle  200 Bells Tiny Stationary 3 cm All day
7 Abalone Abalone  400 Bells Medium Uniform 18 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
8 Ear Shell Ear Shell  300 Bells Small Uniform 7 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
11 Scallop Scallop  1,000 Bells Medium Erratic 14 cm All day
12 Sea Anemone Sea Anemone  100 Bells Medium Stationary 20 cm All day
13 Sea Star Sea Star  100 Bells Small Uniform 25 cm All day
15 Sea Slug Sea Slug  200 Bells Small Uniform 4 cm All day
16 Flatworm Flatworm  200 Bells Small Uniform 4 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
17 Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp  1,250 Bells Small Erratic 12 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
19 Tiger Prawn Tiger Prawn  1,600 Bells Small Uniform 20 cm 4 PM - 9 AM
21 Lobster Lobster  2,500 Bells Large Uniform 50 cm All day
26 Octopus Octopus  1,200 Bells Medium Erratic 50 cm All day
27 Spotted Garden Eel Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Spotted Garden Eel  600 Bells Small Stationary 17 cm All day
28 Chambered Nautilus Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Chambered Nautilus  900 Bells Medium Uniform 35 cm All day
30 Giant Isopod Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Giant Isopod  9,000 Bells Medium Uniform 30 cm All day

Other appearances[edit]

In the Super Smash Bros series[edit]

Main article: Tortimer Island (stage)

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Tortimer Island is featured as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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