Resident Services

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Resident Services
Resident Services before the upgrade.
Service Nook Stop
Recycling bin
Bulletin Board
Construction Consultation
Civic Consultation
Opening hours All day
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Resident Services is a location in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, serving as the hub where the town's civic duties are conducted. The Bulletin Board and the town's Plaza are located outside.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

Initially the Resident Services consists of a small tent where Tom Nook resides with Timmy and Tommy. Tom Nook provides home upgrades and hosts seminars on item customisation. Timmy and Tommy can buy and sell items with the player. The tent consists of a Recycle Bin for unwanted items, a Workbench for crafting and customising items and the Nook Stop. A large bonfire is situated in front of the tent in a dirt plaza. Tom Nook provides the daily island broadcast when loading the town.

After repaying the initial mortgage with Nook Miles, the Resident Services will upgrade into a fully constructed building resembling the Town Hall of previous games. The Bulletin Board will visually upgrade to a fancier design and a Flag will be hoisted outside. Isabelle will arrive on the island and begin working here, having been hired due to her extensive operational experience. Isabelle will take over hosting the island broadcast from Tom Nook and also provide civic services. A large paved plaza is installed outside of the building where events are hosted and travelling characters will periodically appear. At this point Timmy and Tommy will no longer work here, as they will open a shop in town.

Construction Consultation Counter[edit]

  • I want to expand. — provides the player options for physically expanding their house.
  • I want to customise. — offers a variety of design features that can be purchased in order to customise the appearance of the player's house.
  • I want to relocate. — allows the player to move their home to another location on the island.
  • Let's talk about infrastructure — provides the player options to purchase or demolish bridges or inclines/ramps as well as relocate other residents' homes, the shop, the museum, or the campsite.

Civic Consultation Counter[edit]

  • Let's talk island evals. — the player can learn about the current image of the town.
  • Change the island tune. — the island's tune can be edited from here.
  • Change the island flag. — the design of the island's flag can be customised.
  • Discuss a resident. — the player can report villagers here in order to reset their clothing, catchphrase, or forget letters that players have sent them.


  • Let's craft! — allows the player to craft items from scratch using materials.
  • Customise something. — provides options to customise the visual appearance of furniture.

Recycling Bin[edit]

The Recycling Bin functions similarly to its appearance in previous games. Items will periodically be deposited in the bin for the player to take. The player can also leave any unwanted items here to be disposed of each week.

Nook Stop[edit]

The Nook Stop is a multi-functional machine that allows players to redeem Nook Miles for rewards, access the Nook Shopping catalog, and features an integrated Automatic Bell Dispenser. Once per day, the player is awarded with bonus daily miles for accessing the Nook Stop.

Bulletin Board[edit]

Main article: Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a board outside of the Resident Services where messages can be posted. Important notices relating to events in the town are posted here for all to see.


The town's plaza is situated in front of the Resident Services building. Events throughout the year are hosted in the plaza, and travelling visitors such as Label and Kicks will periodically appear here to offer their services.