Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori: Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection

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Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori: Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection
ADnM K.K. Music Instrumental Selection.jpg
Composed by Shinobu Nagata
Kazumi Totaka
Toru Minegishi
Sayako Doi
Shiho Fujii
Distributed by Nippon Columbia
Release date(s) Japan November 23, 2022
Format(s) Vinyl record
No. of tracks 19
Length 38:26
Catalog number COJX-9456

Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori: Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection[nb 1] is a soundtrack vinyl record that contains 18 K.K. Slider songs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as an exclusive remix of "Hazure02", one of K.K.'s secret songs. It was announced on April 28, 2022, alongside Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori: Original Soundtrack 2, and was released in Japan by Nippon Columbia on November 23, 2022.[1]

The album was mastered, manufactured, and distributed by Japanese record label Nippon Columbia, with series composer Kazumi Totaka overseeing the mastering process.[2] It retails for ¥4,620, and a poster featuring artwork of K.K. Slider is included within.

Track list[edit]

All tracks are in mono except for "HAZURE02 -City & Pop Ver.- [Bonus Track]" (track 9 on Side B), which is in stereo.

Side A - "Upper Side"[edit]

# Title Title (English) Artist[nb 2] Length
1 けけアイドル "Bubblegum K.K." Atsuko Asahi 1:51
2 ユーロビート "DJ K.K." Toru Minegishi 1:41
3 ドラムンベース "K.K. D&B" Toru Minegishi 2:02
4 アーバンけけ "K.K. Cruisin'" Toru Minegishi 2:01
5 けけホップ "K.K. Hop" Shinobu Nagata 1:39
6 けけハウス "K.K. House" Shiho Fujii 1:47
7 けけディスコ "K.K. Disco" Kazumi Totaka 1:39
8 けけブレイク "K.K. Break" Sayako Doi 1:54
9 けけグルーヴ "K.K. Groove" Kazumi Totaka / Atsuko Asahi 1:48
10 けけロイド "K.K. Robot Synth" Sayako Doi 2:00

Side B - "Chill Side"[edit]

# Title Title (English) Artist[nb 2] Length
1 チルウェイヴ "Chillwave" Shinobu Nagata 2:17
2 けけトロニカ "K.K. Synth" Kazumi Totaka / Atsuko Asahi 2:25
3 けけダブ "K.K. Dub" Shinobu Nagata 2:03
4 けけラヴァーズ "K.K. Lovers" Shinobu Nagata 1:54
5 けけバッシュメント "K.K. Bashment" Shinobu Nagata 1:49
6 ドライブ "Drivin'" Atsuko Asahi (composition)
Kazumi Totaka / Shinobu Nagata (arrangement)
7 けけボッサ "K.K. Bossa" Toru Minegishi 1:27
8 みんなあつまれ "Welcome Horizons" Yasuaki Iwata (composition)
Kazumi Totaka / Shinobu Nagata (arrangement)
9 はずれ02 -City & Pop Ver.- [Bonus Track] "HAZURE02 -City & Pop Ver.- [Bonus Track]" Kazumi Totaka 2:59



  1. Japanese: あつまれ どうぶつの森 とたけけミュージック Instrumental Selection Hepburn: Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori Totakeke Myūjikku
  2. 2.0 2.1 While the artists for the included tracks on the record were credited, they did not receive specific credits; these are derived from other soundtrack or game credits, hence a specific composer may not be known.


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