K.K. Ragtime

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#29 K.K. Ragtime  
K.K. Ragtime NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Genre Ragtime
Mood Good
Owned by Anchovy,
Antonio (NH),
Bob (prior to NH),
Bones (DnM to CF),
Broccolo (prior to NH),
Candi (NL),
Frobert (NH),
Mathilda (AC to NL),
Melba (prior to NH),
Moe (prior to NH),
Tiffany (NH)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese ラグタイム
Simplified Chinese 拉格泰姆音乐
French Ragtime Kéké
Spanish Tota-ragtime
Italian K.K. Ritmo
Russian Регтайм К. К.

Korean 래그타임
Traditional Chinese 拉格泰姆音樂
Quebec French Ragtime Kéké
Latin American Spanish Tota-ragtime
German K.K. Ragtime
Dutch K.K.-ragtime

"K.K. Ragtime" is an 1890s-styled song by K.K. Slider. It has a ragtime piano syncopated in a melodic line and regularly accented. It sounds like a song played in a western saloon or a line/square dancing song. This song can also can be heard on the TV at a certain hour of the day on a comedy show where there is a young man and woman doing comedy for the audience on stage. Anchovy, Antonio (in Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Bob (before Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Bones (in every game up to Animal Crossing: City Folk), Broccolo (before Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Candi (in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo), Frobert (in Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Mathilda (from Animal Crossing to Animal Crossing: New Leaf) Melba, Moe (both before Animal Crossing: New Horizons) and Tiffany (in Animal Crossing: New Horizons) have it in their houses.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ラグタイム

Korean 래그타임

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
拉格泰姆音乐 / 格拉泰姆音乐
Gélā tài mǔ yīnyuè
Ragtime music

Russian Регтайм К. К.
Regtaym K. K.

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-ragtime

German K.K. Ragtime

European Spanish Tota-ragtime

European French Ragtime Kéké

Italian K.K. Ritmo K.K. Rhythm