Only Me

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#40 Only Me  
AlbumArt-OnlyMe NH.png
Live Performance
Genre Ballad
Mood Sad
Owned by Bluebear (NH),
Colton (NL),
Dora (NL),
Gigi (CF, NL),
Gruff (AC)
Kiki (NH),
Olive (AC),
Prince (NH),
Sally (NH),
Tammi (WW, CF),
Timmy and Tommy (RV)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese オンリーミー
Simplified Chinese 只有我
French Moi et juste moi
Spanish Solo yo
Italian Solo io
Russian Только я

Korean 온리미
Traditional Chinese 只有我
Quebec French Moi et juste moi
Latin American Spanish Solo yo
German Ganz allein
Dutch Alleen ik

"Only Me" is a K.K. Slider song. It has a spacious picked guitar, a whiny synth, and a snapping "metronome," giving the vibe of a '50s ballad. If the player responds with "A little sad" when asked for their mood, K.K. may play it, as the overall tone could be described as lonely, thus the name of the song.

The album art features K.K., as the name suggests, on his own leaning on a table. There is a spotlight shining in the center of the cover. K.K. is wearing a white suit with black trousers, wearing a pompadour wig. His guitar is to the left behind the table.

Bluebear (in New Horizons), Carrot, Colton, Dora (both in New Leaf), Gigi (in City Folk and New Leaf), Gruff (in Animal Crossing only), Kiki (in New Horizons), Olive (in Animal Crossing only), Prince, Sally (both in New Horizons), Stella and Tammi (in Wild World and City Folk) have this song playing in their houses.


Sprites and models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese オンリーミー
Onrī mī

Korean 온리미

Simplified Chinese 只有我 (iQue)
Zhǐyǒu wǒ

Russian Только я
Tolko ya

Dutch Alleen ik

German Ganz allein All Alone

European Spanish Solo yo

European French Moi et juste moi Me and Only Me

Italian Solo io