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GorillaSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Boone gor02
Boone NH.png
Species Personality Gender
Gorilla Emotion Pride NH Icon cropped.png Jock Male
Birthday September 12th Virgo
Quote "Never settle for second best."
Catchphrase "baboom"
Clothing Comfy Sweater[nb 1]
Cycling Shirt (Blue & White)[nb 2]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese まんたろう
Korean 만복이
Italian Babu
German Kong

Simplified Chinese 万泰
French Babouin
Spanish Babú
Dutch Boone

Traditional Chinese 萬泰
Quebec French Babouin
Latin American Spanish Babú
Russian Буин

Phrase in other languages

Japanese ウルトラ
Korean 야임마
Italian baboom
German ugh

Simplified Chinese 这家伙
French ma noix
Spanish angaua
Dutch bavi-AAN

Traditional Chinese 超級
Quebec French ma noix
Latin American Spanish angaua
Russian бабум

Boone is a jock gorilla villager in the Animal Crossing series first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Both his English name and initial catchphrase - "baboom" - are likely allusions to the word baboon. Mantarou likely derives from マンドリル mandoriru (mandrill).

In New Horizons, Boone has the fitness hobby and will wear Sporty Shades and lift heavy dumbbells while exercising.



Boone in Wild World.

Boone is a gorilla with brownish, orange fur. He has a red snout, blue cheeks, and light gray lips, hands, feet, and chest. He has a dark brown vertical stripe on his head that extends from the center of his brow to the back of his neck. He strikingly resembles mandrills, large baboons native to Central Africa. Unlike gorillas, they are not true apes.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

As a jock villager, Boone will have an interest in physical fitness and sports. This will make him appear competitive and challenging, as well as insulting to some when he criticizes their fitness and appearance. Despite this, he is friendly and kind towards the player. He may not get on well with snooty and cranky villagers, who do not agree with his active lifestyle, especially when he criticizes their lifestyles. He will, however, be confused and annoyed by the laid-back and relaxed lifestyle of lazy villagers.

Villager information[edit]

In Wild World[edit]

BoonePicACWW.png Words to live by: Don't ever wimp out!
Favorite Clothing
Smallcheckmark.png Cool Smallxmark.png Funky

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Cool
Smallxmark.png Funky
Furniture Genre Retro/Dignified
Furniture Series Ranch
Furniture Color Colorful

In New Leaf[edit]

Boone's picture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf Never settle for second best.
Siblings Eldest of four
Skill Dancing
Goal Rugby player
Fear Skeleton Hood
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Iconic
Smallxmark.png Cute
Color Colorful
Type Blend
Milk A little bit
Sugar One spoonful

In New Horizons[edit]

Never settle for second best.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
September 12 Virgo Jock (B) baboom
Default Clothing Cycling Shirt (Blue & White)
Favorite Styles Elegant and Cool
Favorite Colors
Hobby Fitness
Carried Bag Veggie
Book Exercise
Food Donut
Drink Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle Orange


In Wild World[edit]

In City Folk[edit]

House of Boone CF.png
Weight Bench HHD Icon.png Weight Bench White Boom Box WW.png White Boom Box
Doghouse HHD Icon.png Doghouse Bonfire HHD Icon.png Bonfire
Trash Can HHD Icon.png Trash Can Watering Trough HHD Icon.png Watering Trough
Wallpaper: Western Desert HHD Icon.png Western Desert
Floor: Western Vista HHD Icon.png Western Vista
Music: K.K. Western

In New Leaf[edit]

House of Boone NL Exterior.png
House of Boone NL.png
Cabin Table HHD Icon.png Cabin Table Cabin Couch HHD Icon.png Cabin Couch
Weight Bench HHD Icon.png Weight Bench Cabin Low Table HHD Icon.png Cabin Low Table
Hammock HHD Icon.png Hammock Turntable HHD Icon.png Turntable
Trash Can HHD Icon.png Trash Can Desert Cactus HHD Icon.png Desert Cactus
Tumbleweed HHD Icon.png Tumbleweed Tall Mini Cactus HHD Icon.png Tall Mini Cactus
Round Mini Cactus HHD Icon.png Round Mini Cactus Tapestry HHD Icon.png Tapestry
Wallpaper: Wood Paneling HHD Icon.png Wood Paneling
Floor: Saharah's Desert HHD Icon.png Saharah's Desert
Music: K.K. Western

In New Horizons[edit]

In New Horizons, if Boone is the one of the starter villagers, his house will have craftable items primarily from the Wooden Series.

Other appearances[edit]

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp villager information

Boone's Pocket Camp icon

People think Boone's all about muscles and protein shakes, but there's nothing he loves more than watching a lovely sunset...while drinking a protein shake.
 Preferred theme:
PC Banner - Rustic.png
 Primary reward:
Steel PC Icon.png Steel
 Version added:

Needed to Invite:

Required Friendship Level: 7

Covered Wagon PC Icon.png
Covered Wagon
Saddle Fence PC Icon.png
Saddle Fence
Raven Pole PC Icon.png
Raven Pole
Desert Cactus PC Icon.png
Desert Cactus
Well PC Icon.png
Friendship Rewards:
Comfy Sweater PC Icon.png
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Comfy Sweater
and Sparkle Stone
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Sandbag PC Icon.png

Craft Unlock
Level 7 Level 9 Level 15
Boone's Pic PC Icon.png
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Boone‎‎'s Pic
and Sparkle Stone
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 20 Level 25 Level 30
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 35 Level 40 Level 45

Card profiles[edit]

amiibo card[edit]

amiibo card
#328 Boone - Series 4
Star sign: Virgo
Birthday: September 12
Dice value: 6
Hand sign: Scissors
328 Boone amiibo card NA.png
327 Penelope List of amiibo cards
#328 Boone
329 Broffina


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese まんたろう
From mandrill

Korean 만복이

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
万泰 / 萬泰

Russian Бун
From Бабуин (baboon)

Dutch Boone -

German Kong From King Kong

European Spanish Babú From Babu, the hindi name for father, and babuino (male baboon)

European French Babouin From babouin (baboon)

Italian Babu From babbuino (baboon)

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  1. Prior to New Horizons
  2. New Horizons
  3. Does not contain a stereo initially