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Japanese リック Korean  Chinese Unknown
French Aimé Italian Leopold Spanish Jones
German Leonhard Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Mott NLa.png
Species Personality Gender
Lion Jock Male
Birthday July 10th Cancer
Phrase cagey
Clothes Pirate's Coat*
Blue Letter Jacket*
Saying The lion's share goes to the lion.
Main Games
Other Games

Mott is a jock, lion villager in the Animal Crossing series. He was introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk.



Mott CF.png

Mott is a yellow lion that wears reading glasses. His mane is a dark red and he also appears to have freckles on his face.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

Mott has a jock personality, which means he will have a keen interest in sport and fitness, making him appear competitive and in some cases rude when talking to other villagers, usually criticizing their fitness. He will appear slow-witted and absent-minded when talking about deep, meaningful things. He will get along well with peppy villagers, but get confused by the choice of lifestyle followed by lazy villagers, who appear opposite to the jock personality. He may offend and upset snooty and cranky villagers.


In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Cool
Smallxmark.png Funky
Furniture Genre Retro/Dignified
Furniture Series Cabana
Furniture Color Aqua
Ideal Furniture for Mott – Aqua Retro/Dignified
Name Price Available From
Hospital Screen 2,400 Tom Nook
Spa Chair 600 Tom Nook
Bathtub 2,400 Tom Nook
Washbasin 2,880 Spotlight
Blue Vase 2,500 Tom Nook
Trash Can 1,400 Tom Nook
More Aqua Furniture More Retro/Dignified Furniture

In New Leaf[edit]

MottPicACNL.png The lion's share goes to the lion.
Siblings Eldest of two
Skill Mental math
Goal Lawyer
Fear Ghost Mask
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Iconic
Smallxmark.png Flashy
Color Aqua
Type Blue Mountain
Milk None at all
Sugar None at all
Ideal Gifts for Mott – Aqua Iconic Items
Name Price Available From
Boomerang 1,200 Timmy & Tommy's
Clothesline Pole 960 Timmy & Tommy's
Fan 1,200 Timmy & Tommy's
Fancy Doll 1,400 Timmy & Tommy's
World Map - Katie
Genie Shirt 640 Ables (All)
Genie Vest 280 Ables (Summer)
Chima Jeogori Dress 880 Ables (All)
Kimono 820 Ables (All)
Spring Kimono 800 Ables (Summer)
More Aqua Items More Iconic Items


In New Leaf, his house consists of many items from the Sloppy Series. In City Folk, his house has a bathroom theme, with two wash basins, spa stools, a bath tub, and two showers, all from the same theme. He also has a gyroid. Mott plays Marine Song 2001 when given a stereo.

Other appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Lion
Client's Vision: A physicist's office
Required Items: Whiteboard
Tool shelf
Executive toy
Favorite Song: Pondering
Favorite Saying: The lion's share goes to the lion.

Card profiles[edit]

Happy Home Designer amiibo card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#320 Mott - Series 4
Type: Lion
Star sign: Cancer
Birthday: July 10th
Dice value: 4
Hand sign: Scissors
320 Mott amiibo card NA.png
319 Pinky List of amiibo cards
#320 Mott
321 Mallary



Sprites & Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リック
Spanish Jones -
French Aimé Loved
German Leonhard -
Italian Leopold From leone, "lion".