Bathroom Towel Rack (New Horizons)

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Type of wall-mounted furniture Bathroom Towel Rack  
Bathroom Towel Rack
Variation shown: Silver
Buy price Sell price
 1,400 Bells
 1,300 Poki
 350 Bells
Height Size
Boy 1 NH Silhouette.png
1.0 x 1.0 1.0 × 1.0
Obtain via  Nook's Cranny
Customize  Cyrus:  1,000 Bells
Variations 4 variations
HHA themes Bathroom / Public Bath
HHA points 151
Bathroom Towel Rack's Silver variant
Bathroom Towel Rack's Gold variant
Bathroom Towel Rack's Copper variant
Bathroom Towel Rack's Black variant
Name in other languages
 욕실 수건 걸이
 porte-serviettes mural
 porte-serviettes mural
 toallero de pared
 toallero de pared
 portasciugamani da bagno
 полка для полотенец

The Bathroom Towel Rack is a wall-mounted item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Bathroom Towel Rack can be obtained from Nook's Cranny for  1,400 Bells. The item's color can be customized by Cyrus at Harv's Island for  1,000 Bells.

This item appears in the homes of the following villagers: Bella, Carmen, Carrie, Chadder, Cheri, Cherry, Claudia, Curly, Doc, Francine, Friga, Gabi, Gwen, Julia, Kidd, Lily, Megan, Mint, Monique, Olaf, Opal, Paolo, Peggy, Phil, Poncho, Portia, Raddle, Rhonda, Stella, Tipper, Vesta, Violet. As a result, this item has a chance to be purchasable by the player if they were invited by any of the following villagers.

In Happy Home Paradise, this item is unlocked for usage in house designing when doing a vacation home request for the following villagers: Agent S‎‎, Bam‎‎, Buck‎‎, Cashmere‎‎, Cleo‎‎, Flip‎‎, Gigi‎‎, Gonzo‎‎, Hugh‎‎, Iggly‎‎, Klaus‎‎, Kody‎‎, Lily‎‎, Lionel‎‎, Miranda‎‎, Mott‎‎, Nan‎‎, Octavian‎‎, Ricky‎‎, Rio‎‎, Rocket‎‎, Scoot‎‎, Snooty‎‎, Spike‎‎, Tad‎‎, Tom‎‎, Whitney‎‎, Zell‎‎. After unlocking this item, the item can be purchased from Wardell's catalog for  1,300 Poki.


The Bathroom Towel Rack has 4 variations.









Bathroom Towel Rack (Silver) NH Icon.png Bathroom Towel Rack (Gold) NH Icon.png Bathroom Towel Rack (Copper) NH Icon.png Bathroom Towel Rack (Black) NH Icon.png