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For a list of all of Mom's items in New Horizons, see Parents § Items in New Horizons.
  Motherly Series  
House of Stitches NH.jpg
Stitches's house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which contains several items from the Motherly Series
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The Motherly Series is a furniture series in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All of the items can be obtained from Mom via letters, though only one random variant will be sent to the mail for the player to use. Although Mom's hand-knit sweater, Mom's handmade apron, and Mom's knapsack are also delivered by mail by Mom and share the same name as the other furniture in this series, they are not considered part of the Motherly Series.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stitches owns six items; Broccolo and Bunnie own two items; and Azalea, Maple, Marcie, Sally, Stella, and Walker own one item from the Motherly Series.

Item list[edit]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

Motherly Series in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Item Image Type Buy price Sell price Available from
Mom's art Mom's art Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's candle set Mom's candle set Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's cushion Mom's cushion Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's embroidery Mom's embroidery Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's homemade cake Mom's homemade cake Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's pen stand Mom's pen stand Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's plushie Mom's plushie Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's tea cozy Mom's tea cozy Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's tissue box Mom's tissue box Furniture Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's cool kitchen mat Mom's cool kitchen mat Interior Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's lively kitchen mat Mom's lively kitchen mat Interior Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's playful kitchen mat Mom's playful kitchen mat Interior Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
Mom's reliable kitchen mat Mom's reliable kitchen mat Interior Not for sale  88 Bells  Mom
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Furniture customization[edit]

Main article: Furniture customization

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all furniture from the Motherly Series can be customized by either the player or Cyrus. Mom's art has eight available variations: Still life, Street with trees, Nostalgia, Angel, Sweet roses, Field of flowers, Dog, and blooming. Mom's candle set has six available variations: Cubes, Elegant flowers, Chic flowers, Pastel, Fairy tale, and Marine. Mom's cushion has six available variations: Red with hearts, Blue with flowers, Colorful quilt, Pop flowers, Animal, and Denim. Mom's embroidery has six available variations: Flowers, Bird, Bouquet, Girl, Fairy tale, and Trees. Mom's homemade cake has six available variations: Cat, Strawberry & flowers, Carrot, Dog, Bird, and Chocolate. Mom's pen stand has six available variations: Striped house, Stone house, Brick house, Fairy-tale house, Simple house, and Wood house. Mom's plushie has six available variations: Bedford, Dot, Puppers, Pippa, Gertie, and Roary. Mom's tea cozy has six available variations: Patterned, Green & white, Floral, Pink, Blue cat, Blue & gray. Mom's tissue box has six available variations: Quilted pattern, Flowers, Quilted animals, Fanciful quilted pattern, Fruits, and Denim with stripes.

Still life[edit]

Street with trees[edit]



Sweet roses[edit]

Field of flowers[edit]




Elegant flowers[edit]

Chic flowers[edit]


Fairy tale[edit]


Red with hearts[edit]

Blue with flowers[edit]

Colorful quilt[edit]

Pop flowers[edit]









Strawberry & flowers[edit]



Striped house[edit]

Stone house[edit]

Brick house[edit]

Fairy-tale house[edit]

Simple house[edit]

Wood house[edit]








Green & white[edit]



Blue cat[edit]

Blue & gray[edit]

Quilted pattern[edit]

Quilted animals[edit]

Fanciful quilted pattern[edit]


Denim with stripes[edit]

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