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A furniture theme is a collection of items found in the Animal Crossing series. Unlike furniture series, the items featured are often very diverse throughout the theme, rather than having a very similar appearance. Items within a theme would not be included with a furniture series or a set.

List of themes[edit]

Series Image Description Appears In Available From
Boxing Theme NL Boxing Theme.png These items are related to the sport of boxing. Big Top has many items from the Boxing Theme. AC, WW, CF, NL
Chess Theme House of Queenie PG.png The Chess Theme contains six white chess pieces and six black chess pieces. It was replaced by the Chess Set in Wild World. DnM, DnM+, AC
Construction Theme NL Construction Theme.png This items would commonly be seen on a construction site. The theme has changed substantially throughout the various games. DnM, DnM+, AC, WW, CF, NL
Creepy Theme NL Creepy Theme.png This is a collection of haunted house inspired furniture. It started life as DLC in City Folk, and then became obtainable from Jack in New Leaf. CF, NL
Garden Theme PG Garden Theme.png The Garden Theme is a collection of Japanese-inspired garden furniture. It was discontinued in Wild World, and some of its items became a part of the Backyard Set. DnM, DnM+, AC, DnMe+
Japanese Theme DnM+ Japanese Theme.png The Japanese Theme contains Japan-inspired furniture. True to its name, it only appears in the Japanese titles. DnM, DnM+, DnMe+
Mad Scientist Theme NL Mad Scientist Theme.png With only seven items, the Mad Scientist Theme is one of the smallest themes. Most of the furniture is black and/or gray colored. WW, CF, NL
Mario Theme NL Mario Theme.png These items all originally appeared in Super Mario Bros., an NES game. They are styled as retro 8-bit items, except in New Leaf, where they are modernized. AC, WW, CF, NL
Mossy Garden Theme NL Mossy Garden Theme.png The Mossy Garden Theme (or Backyard Theme) consists of garden and lawn-themed furniture. The official Animal Crossing guidebook erroneously refers to the Garden Theme as the Mossy Garden Theme.[1] AC, WW, CF, NL
Nursery Theme NL Nursery Theme.png The Nursery Theme contains toys and other necessities for children, and appears in Wild World onwards. WW, CF, NL
Pirate Ship Theme NL Pirate Ship Theme.png Pirate Ship Theme items are obtained from Pascal. This theme was called the Pirate Theme in Wild World. Unlike other special character items, Pirate Ship Theme items can be ordered from the catalog. It was replaced by the Pirate Series in New Horizons. WW, CF, NL
Rockgarden Theme PG Rockgarden Theme.png This is another Japanese-related garden theme that was removed in Wild World onwards. DnM, DnM+, AC, DnMe+
School Theme House of Spork DnM+.png Containing furniture commonly found in a classroom, this theme only appeared in Animal Crossing and earlier, and was relegated to a set in Animal Crossing: Wild World onwards. DnM, DnM+, AC
Sci-Fi Theme NL Sci-Fi Theme.png The Sci-Fi Theme is new in New Leaf. Like the Rococo Series, all items are spotlight items. NL
Spa Theme NL Spa Theme.png The Spa Theme (or Publicbath Theme) is mainly blue tile furniture styled like a Japanese public bathhouse. It is absent in Animal Crossing and Wild World. DnM, DnM+, DnMe+, CF, NL
Space Theme NL Space Theme.png The Space Theme appears in all games, and consists of outer-space themed furniture. DnM, DnM+ AC, DnMe+, WW, CF, NL
Western Theme NL Western Theme.png The Western Theme consists of wild west themed furniture. Boone, Drift, and Kody have a lot of these items. AC, DnMe+, WW, CF, NL

Complete theme bonuses[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, there is a bonus of 3,000 points from the Happy Room Academy for a complete theme, in addition to a further 3,000 points for every item in that theme. For example, the Boxing Theme, with 10 items, will award 33,000 points. This bonus was removed from Animal Crossing: New Leaf for unknown reasons.


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