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For the series of similar furniture in games prior to New Horizons, see Exotic Series.
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The Imperial Series in a room in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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The Imperial Series (known as the Zen Series prior to version 1.9.0) is a furniture series in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Japanese name is the Oriental Series. All the items in this series are available from the upgraded Nook's Cranny. Although the imperial dining chair, imperial dining lantern, imperial dining table, imperial lamp, imperial pot, imperial rug, imperial tile, and imperial wall share the "imperial" name, they are not considered part of the Imperial Series.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pekoe owns six items, Cranston owns five items, Opal owns five items, Soleil own five items, Cousteau owns four items, Drago owns four items, Pango owns four items, Pinky owns four items, Rowan owns four items, Bill owns three items, and Tammi owns three items from the Imperial Series. The Imperial Series is primarily owned by female villagers, at around 74% (20 female villagers out of 27 total villagers who own at least one item from the Imperial Series).

Item list[edit]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

Imperial Series in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

# Item Image Buy price Sell price Available from HHA theme(s) Interact Customizable Size
810 Imperial bed imperial bed  23,000 Bells  5,750 Bells  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Harmonious Bed No 2.0×2.0
811 Imperial chest imperial chest  9,300 Bells  2,325 Bells  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Harmonious Wardrobe No 2.0×1.0
812 Imperial decorative shelves imperial decorative shelves  8,500 Bells  2,125 Bells  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Harmonious - No 2.0×1.5
817 Imperial low table imperial low table  3,700 Bells  925 Bells  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Harmonious - No 2.0×1.0
818 Imperial partition imperial partition  5,000 Bells  1,250 Bells  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Harmonious - No 2.0×1.0
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Furniture customization[edit]

Main article: Furniture customization

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all furniture from the Imperial Series can be customized by Cyrus. There are four available variations: Red, Blue, Brown, and Black.






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