Customization kit (New Horizons)

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Customization Kit NH Inv Icon.png Customization kit Type of other item
Customization kit
Buy price Sell price
 600 Bells  150 Bells
Obtain via  Nook's Cranny
 Tom Nook (after completing workshop; one-time only)
Stack 50
Names in other languages
 리폼 키트
 kit de personnalisation
 kit de personnalisation
 kit de personalización
 kit de personalización
 kit di personalizzazione
 набор для переделки

Customization kits are items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They allow the player customize the appearance of compatible furniture items and tools via a DIY workbench, with each item requiring a varying amount of customization kits to be customized.

Customization kits are first obtained from Tom Nook after his workshop on customization is completed. After the workshop, customization kits can be obtained from Nook's Cranny for  600 Bells. Up to 50 of the item can be stacked together. Each customization kit sells for  150 Bells.

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