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The ACNH Spreadsheet Project is a community initiative to create a structured collection of Animal Crossing: New Horizons data on items, villagers, achievements, and more. Anyone is welcome to use the data for their own projects for the betterment of the Animal Crossing community. If you do use any of the spreadsheets for your project, please provide a link back to the spreadsheet on your page.

Note that while documentation is hosted here, this is not a Nookipedia-led initiative.


If you do use any of the spreadsheets for your project, please provide a link back to the spreadsheet on your page.


All project discussion takes place on the ACNH Spreadsheet Discord. Anyone is welcome to join, whether to help contribute to the spreadsheets, seek help, or share projects they have built using the spreadsheet data.

When you join, you may use the #roles channel to assign yourself roles, including your preferred pronoun, region, and whether you are an editor or developer.

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The main spreadsheet has an editor's copy for editors to modify before it gets copied over to the read-only live version. To contribute, you must join the Discord and request access through this form.

When editing, please follow the style guide posted in the first "Read Me" sheet. For every edit you make, please make a note on the #changelog channel on the Discord describing the change. If you're stuck or have new ideas to discuss, don't hesitate to reach out on the Discord server.



This project was made possible by the following members of the community:

  • 6480
  • noizhub
  • Ricky
  • chaiinchomp
  • saberslime
  • robotic_scarab
  • mollumisc
  • sunmarsh
  • kyrokey
  • obstinateRixatrix
  • jackiwi
  • Zalex
  • SuperHamster
  • kait
  • hyuum
  • Azarro
  • Czarcasm
  • cinnamon_swirlix
  • astronomyfortwo
  • Welcius
  • glowtopia
  • BriKun
  • Alyrei
  • StevieCoops
  • sneeze
  • Shiny190
  • TwistedPeach
  • LavaToaster
  • capstone
  • vmario
  • rocklamp
  • Alexis
  • PanchamBro

See also[edit]

  • Community:ACNH Spreadsheet/Attribution - The attribution used on various pages throughout the site to give credit to those who have contributed to the project. Users listed on this page are displayed at the bottom of tables containing information from the spreadsheet.