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The website as of March 16, 2021.
Language English[nb 1]
Date opened April 9, 2020
Creator Daniel Luu
Web address

Nookazon is a fan-made trading website for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was started in April 2020 by using item data compiled by the ACNH Spreadsheet Project. The websites contains item listings and users may make trades on the site itself or on its Discord server. Since May 2020, Nookazon does not permit the selling of items or goods that are locked based on time.

Originally, the logo for Nookazon was based on Amazon's logo, but it was later changed to a leaf icon with the letter "N".

Nookazon has received media attention from players and critics alike, due to New Horizons's heightened popularity. The website was praised for its easy-to-search catalog, as Elise Favis of the Washington Post noted that it was possible to obtain "specific sets and colors of furniture, or even [...] villagers".[1] However, others have criticized Nookazon for its lack of control over the monetary value of Nook Miles Tickets and/or Bells for certain trades and the lack of moderation over trades for potential scams. The site's Discord server also gained controversy over their handling of current-world topics, such as in the midst of the George Floyd protests moderators were banning users who pledged in support for Black Lives Matter.[2][3]



  1. Also partially available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


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