Nook Miles Ticket (New Horizons)

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Nook Miles Ticket NH Inv Icon.png Nook Miles Ticket Type of other item
Nook Miles Ticket
Buy price Sell price
 2,000 Miles  10,000 Bells
Obtain via  Nook Stop (from the "Redeem Nook Miles" section)
Stack 10
HHA points 171
Names in other languages
 마일 여행권
 ticket Miles Nook
 ticket points Nook
 cupón de millas Nook
 cupón de millas Nook
 coupon miglia di Nook
 билет за мили Нука

Nook Miles Tickets are items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Speaking to Orville at the Airport while the player has a Nook Miles Ticket in their pockets will allow them to go on a Mystery Island Tour.

Nook Miles Tickets can be obtained from Nook Stop for  2,000 Nook Miles. When the player upgrades their tent to a house, Tom Nook gives Orville a Nook Miles Ticket on behalf of the player, allowing them to go on one Mystery Island Tour for free. Up to 10 of the item can be stacked together. This item can be sold for  10,000 Bells.


  • Alongside Bells, Nook Miles Tickets (commonly abbreviated as NMTs) are a popular trading commodity within the Animal Crossing community.