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The ACPC Spreadsheet Project is a comprehensive community-made spreadsheet for documenting all aspects of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Inspired by the ACNH Spreadsheet Project and originally based off of data from the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki , this spreadsheet contains information on items, clothing, villagers, events, and more. Anyone is welcome to use the data for their own projects for the betterment of the Animal Crossing community. If you do use the spreadsheet for your project, a link back to the spreadsheet is appreciated to help others find and use the spreadsheet.

ACPC Spreadsheet  ➔

An additional translation sheets contains game strings in English (US), English (EU), German, Spanish (EU), Spanish (US), French (EU), French (US), Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

ACPC Translations Sheet  ➔


The spreadsheet can always use more maintainers! The spreadsheet has a Discord server, where all discussion toward the project takes place. If you wish to contribute to the project, please join the server and post in the #pocket-camp channel expressing your interest.

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The original data for this spreadsheet was exported from the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki, made possible by the wiki's editors.

The spreadsheet was also made possible by the Pocket Camp dataminers for extracting assets and documenting updates over the years:

  • AKRK
  • Deeebs
  • DrIsley
  • GrokNotMock
  • Miranda
  • Tristan
  • bluesun
  • pewterpiranha



The following is a list of projects that use the spreadsheet.


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