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Status Active
Joined February 23, 2020
Edit Count 7,961 ( in mainspace)
Gender Male
Service Nookipedia Patroller
Appearances Nookipedia, Discord

Hello, and welcome to my user page! I am one of the patrollers here at Nookipedia, and I do various things across the wiki, including article creation/expansion, article cleanup, image uploads, categorization, and much more.

Last seen doing:


  • Put info into tables
  • Upload and add images for New Leaf
  • Upload and add images for New Horizons
  • Recategorize images that could be in a more specific/fitting category
  • Add galleries to each fish and bug page with all in-game sprites and models, along with screenshots of them caught
  • Create furniture list pages for all games

Articles I've Created (Not including moves/redirects)


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