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Homepage as of February 3, 2006
Language English
Dates of operation c. 2003–2013[nb 1]
Creator MK Omega
Web address

Project Hyrule was a fan-made community website and forum for the Animal Crossing series. Its original goal was to compile player-to-player secret codes for every item in Animal Crossing. Created around the release of Animal Crossing, Project Hyrule went offline and came back several times throughout the next decade before being shut down permanently around the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Project Hyrule was conceived by MK Omega shortly after the North American release of Animal Crossing. Users would submit codes generated by Tom Nook in their game, all addressed to the player "Link" from the town "Hyrule". Any player with that player and town name could then use the codes from the website.[1] Members of the Project Hyrule forum eventually reverse-engineered Animal Crossing's password generation algorithm, allowing for the generation of universal codes that could be used by any player, regardless of player name or town name.[2]

In February 2005, after a dispute between the Project Hyrule community and the site's host, Genji, the site was taken offline and its original domain name ( was relinquished.[3] The site was later brought back online by MK Omega under a new domain name ([4]

Following the release of Animal Crossing: Wild World, Project Hyrule switched to being purely a forum and started a new project of having always-online Wild World towns that could be visited at any time.[2] Over the next few years, the forums became inactive and the site went offline sometime between 2011 and 2012.[5]

In May 2013, shortly before the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Project Hyrule was brought back online for a brief period of time under its original domain name ( before being shut down again.[2][6]


  1. The exact dates the site was originally created and shut down on are unknown. The earliest archive of the site on the Internet Archive is from January 2003, and the last is from July 2013.


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