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This article is about the Fandom-hosted wiki. For the German wiki of the same name, see Animal Crossing Wiki (German). For the wiki formerly known as Animal Crossing Wiki, see Nookipedia.
"The Animal Crossing Wiki"
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The website as of August 3, 2021.
Active; Split
Language English
Dates of operation 2005 - present
Date opened August 2005
Date closed Split in October 2010
Creator Aeryka
No. of articles 4,802 (as of December 25, 2022)
Web address

Animal Crossing Wiki (formerly known as Animal Crossing City) is an online wiki encyclopedia for the Animal Crossing series, founded in August 2005 by Aeryka and hosted by the wiki-farm Fandom (formerly Wikia), with 4,802 articles as of December 25, 2022. In November 2010, the wiki forked and merged its content with Nookipedia, an independent Animal Crossing wiki that had recently been formed.


As Animal Crossing City[edit]

Animal Crossing City was founded in August 2005 by a user named Aeryka. While she served as the wiki's main creator, her contributions to the wiki were minimal despite the community around the wiki beginning to grow. The wiki experienced immense growth by 2009 thanks to Animal Crossing: City Folk.[1]

In 2010, Fandom began a forceful implementation of their new skin "Oasis", which upset various wikis on the website's redesign, coupled with tensions between the staff of Fandom and the members of the wiki. Many opted to fork the content away from Fandom into newly independent wikis. In November 2010, Animal Crossing City merged its content with the newly formed independent Animal Crossing Wiki (later named Nookipedia), and many editors and staff members moved alongside the merge.

As Animal Crossing Wiki[edit]

Fandom continued to manage the wiki after most of the staff had quit, including its founder Aeryka.[1] The remaining staff continued work to provide a source for all Animal Crossing content. By 2013, in anticipation of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the wiki changed its name to "Animal Crossing Wiki", which had formerly been abandoned on Nookipedia. At the same time, some users that had left to Nookipedia returned to Animal Crossing Wiki, including Dragonfree97, a former director of Nookipedia who defected back to Animal Crossing Wiki.

In February 2021, the wiki underwent a severe trolling attack that led to the shutdown of the entire wiki for a couple of days. Editors were still permitted to use the forums during this time.[2]


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