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Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki (2014).png
The website on February 14, 2013
Language English
Dates of operation 2010 — 2018
Date opened 2010
Date closed July 31, 2018
Creator Nook29 [dead link]

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki was an online wiki encyclopedia for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, founded in 2010 by Nook29[citation needed] and hosted on the now-defunct wiki farm Wikispaces. The wiki also had a sister wiki, Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The Wiki; both are now closed.


Inactivity and closure (2014–2018)[edit]

In 2014, Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki became inactive due to a subscription expiry caused by a change in Wikispaces' policies requiring a fee for non-educational wikis,[1] leading to the wiki requiring reactivation by one of its organizers. However, the wiki never was reactivated, and it closed on July 31, 2018 following the decommissioning of Wikispaces sites.[2]


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