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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki
Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki (2014).png
The website on February 14, 2013
Language English
Dates of operation 2010 — 2018
Date opened 2010
Date closed July 31, 2018
Creator Nook29

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki was a wiki on the wikifarm Wikispaces which focused on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was created in 2010, after the announcement was made of an Animal Crossing game on Nintendo 3DS.

The website was inactive for years due to a subscription expiry that required reactivation by one of the wiki's organizers, preventing the wiki's articles from being viewed or edited. This was due to a change of policy, since Wikispaces was mainly a wikifarm for educational use and Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki was not classed as educational, so a monthly or yearly payment was required to keep the site online.[1] The wiki was never reactivated, and is now closed following the decommissioning of Wikispaces sites.[2]


The wiki contained a wide range of articles that focused in detail on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, although not all aspects of the game were fully covered, since the wiki was still under construction when the subscription expired. Most articles could be edited by any registered user. However, registration required sending a request to one of the wiki's organizers.


The wiki also had a forum where registered users could discuss Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Sister wiki[edit]

The wiki formed from a sister wiki, Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The Wiki, for Animal Crossing: City Folk information and discussion, which ceased activity at the same time as Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki.


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