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What is a stub?[edit]

A stub is an article that has a significant lack of information pertaining to a topic. There is no specific size to qualify an article as a stub, but generally an article that is missing a lot of information on its subject is considered to be a stub. Please keep in mind that short articles are not necessarily stubs, especially if they contain all information possible.

Marking an article as a stub[edit]

If you are writing a new article and would like to classify it as a stub for others to expand on, you must include the stub template somewhere in the article, preferably at the bottom. To include the stub template, type {{stub}}.

Removing stub status from an article[edit]

If you've added enough information to a stub to remove its stub status or if you feel that a short article has been unnecessarily given the stub status, all you have to do is delete the {{stub}} tag that is placed in the article.

Finding stubs[edit]

A list of stubs can be found in the stub category.