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This page is an official policy page This project's leader is sunmarsh, who directs the project and sets objectives. Please contact this user via their talk page with any concerns related to the project.

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Welcome to the project page for Project Villager! For more information about the project and our objectives, please read on. If you would like to comment on our progress, please use the talk page. If you're interested in joining, simply add your name to the list of current members.


This project page was started by User:SuperAlpaca in December of 2010 and was dormant for several years until a proposed revision of Template:Infobox Villager by User:Sky in June of 2014 prompted an extensive discussion regarding villager pages. The discussion eventually led to the creation of Template:Villager Header and Template:Villager Info, as well as revisions to Template:Infobox Villager and Template:E-card. As a result of pending template changes the original round of villager page updates, started in June 2014 but never completed, was postponed. Having completed the necessary template updates in July-August of 2015, the project was revived by sunmarsh on August 10th, 2015.


The initial goal of Project Villager is to update all villager pages to work with the most recent versions of our recently updated templates. As we go about making these corrections to villager pages we will also be adjusting text formatting in Infobox Villager as well as section & subsection titles. Later stages of the project includes a revamped House section, including a template to organize them by game, and completing our lists of names in other languages.

Villager page standards[edit]

Each villager page should have the same layout (special visitors are an exception and are not a priority at this time), each having the same number of sections and subsections in the same order. The following subsections will detail the standards that all villager pages should follow. User:Sky/Sandbox/Snow can be used as an example of the ideal article layout, however it is by no means a exemplary page in terms of content.

Section titles[edit]

All pages should contain the following sections & subsections, if applicable. Remember that main sections are created using double equals signs (==) and subsections are created using triple equals signs (===). In the diagram below main sections appear above their indented subsections.

Ideal Table of Contents (TOC) Diagram[edit]

  • Characteristics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Preferences
  • In Wild World
  • In City Folk
  • In New Leaf
  • House
  • In Doubutsu no Mori
  • In Animal Crossing/Doubutsu no Mori e+
  • In Wild World and City Folk
  • In New Leaf/Welcome amiibo
  • Other appearances
  • In Doubutsu no Mori (film)
  • In Sweet Day
  • In Happy Home Designer
  • In amiibo Festival
  • In Pocket Camp
  • Card profiles
  • Animal Crossing e-Reader card
  • Animal Crossing amiibo card
  • amiibo Festival card
  • Welcome amiibo card
  • Gallery
  • Artwork
  • Sprites and Models
  • Screenshots
  • Merchandise
  • Miscellaneous
  • Names in other languages
Notes: 1. If a section or subsection title contains more than one word, only the first word is capitalized unless it is followed by a proper noun (e.g. In New Leaf).
2. No links should appear in section or subsection titles (e.g. In New Leaf not In New Leaf).

Page content[edit]

Project Villager is not currently focusing on improving written content quality or quantity at this time. Our main focus is updating and inserting relevant templates and checking the accuracy of existing information. Once this work has been done, subsequent campaigns will focus on standardizing a villager page's qualitative content. That said, if you have any information to add while making edits to a villager's page or wish to revise content, you are highly encouraged to do so. To that end, I have preserved the guidelines established by the previous leaders of Project Villager, which serve as a good starting point for organizing article content. Note that these guidelines are not endorsed by the current leadership and are included here only as a helpful resource.

Old style guidelines for villager page content

First Paragraph
This section is written under no headings and appears under the infobox section (or quote template, if possible). This includes information on the villager, including (where possible) where the name comes from, where the quote comes from, what villager type they are (e.g. snooty), what species they are and what games they appear in - all in one paragraph.

An example of a first paragraph is:
Purrl is snooty cat villager in the Animal Crossing series series. Her name is a combination of the sound a cat makes, 'purr' and the gestone prized for its elegance and shine, 'pearl', which relates to the materialistic and glamourous lifestyle of a snooty villager.

This section involves a basic description involving skin/fur colour, hair colour, expression and initial clothing - try to keep opinion out of this section :) This sits under the heading ==Appearance==

An example of the appearance section.
Stitches is a teddy bear, stitched together with a glowing purple forehead, a plushy orange face, and tiny blue and green ears. His eyes are stitched as an "x" and has different colored limbs. He has a small, white muzzle with a cute teddy bear smile and nose. In his first appearance, he wears a star shirt, a shirt that is patterned with red, blue, and green stars on top of a creamy white fabric. Stitches is probably one of the most colorful characters in the game.

This section does not need to be filled with alot of information. This section only needs to be a brief description of a villager's personality, which they share with other villagers so therefore a brief, relevant description of their personality type i.e. snooty, lazy, cranky, normal, peppy and jock. No quotes are needed, this is strictly a non-bias, unopinionated description of their personality traits. The personality section must: also have, directly underneath the heading, a sentence outlining that the section is a brief description of the personality.

Below has an example of this (including the sentence making it aware to the reader that the personality is shared amoung other villagers, and that further information can be found on the personality article) e.g. peppy and the peppy villager, Victoria.

An example of a personality section.
Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, look at the main article found here.
Victoria is a peppy villager in the Animal Crossing series series. As with other peppy villagers, she loves candy and sweet food, and will have a slight obsession with cleanliness when visiting her house. Peppy villagers take offense quite easily, and may walk away upset rather than angry when the wrong things are said in a conversation between her and the player, or another villager. She may be the target for cranky villager jokes and pranks.

This section is a brief description of what their house has as initial furniture - including linked items of furniture e.g. a tall dingloid links to tall dingloid or furniture series e.g. modern chair link to modern chair. The furniture is what they have when they moved in, rather than what their rooms develop into during the time of their residence in a players town. Picture(s) are necessary to complete the page - they go in a gallery if they've appeared in more than one game :)

Below is an example of a house section, including a gallery.
Purrl's house has a very sophisticated theme in the original Animal Crossing. Her house has the Perfect Painting and various items from the Exotic Series. She also has two fizzoids, and a Bird Cage. Purrl has the Concrete Wall and the Checkered Tile in her home.
In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Purrl no longer has the Perfect Painting or the Caladium, but retains many furniture items first found in her original house. Purrl now has an Exotic Screen and a Cabana Bookcase, but does not have the Mini Fizzoid. She still has the Concrete Wall and the Checkered Tile.
In Animal Crossing: City Folk, she retains many of the new additions introduced in Wild World, but no longer has a Hi-Fi Stereo, replacing it instead with a Corn Plant. The wallpaper and floor are the same as they were in previous two games.
K.K. Swing plays in Purrl's house.

Film Appearance
This is their role in the film - including when they appeared and their relationship with other villagers, including their film name, Not all villagers were in the film!

This is done in a gallery, including text about what the merchandise is. If they appeared on the cover of magazines and game cases, it is merchandise :)

  • A page for every villager with relevant information and the villager template used on each page.
  • Check the Wanted Pages page often to see if there are any villagers who do not yet have a page.

Depreciated content[edit]

As new games were released and templates were updated to accommodate new information, some template parameters were changed or removed. Additionally, some article elements have lost value and should be edited or removed. This section will provide detailed instructions on how to identify, alter, or remove content that no longer belongs on a standard villager page.

Villager quotes[edit]

Some villager pages start with the {{quote}} template. The use of quotes on ordinary villager pages is problematic because each individual villager does not have dialog that is specific to that character; dialog is shared among the personality types. Additionally, the use of quotes at the top of the page provides additional clutter especially when it appears alongside template {{wrongpage}}. For these reasons, any quote(s) found at the top of a villager page should be removed.

Legacy template parameters[edit]

Legacy template parameters, or parameters that are no longer supported, are also documented in the Notes section of the associated template within the Template Documentation below, however they are listed here together for convenience.

Template Old parameter New parameter(s) Notes
Template:Villager Header cardnum - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Villager Header prevnum - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Villager Header prevcard - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Villager Header nextnum - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Villager Header nextcard - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager skill - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager goal - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager style - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager appearances - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager other - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager debut - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager latest - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:Infobox Villager song - Delete from template call if seen on page.
Template:E-card type gender & species
Template:E-card password p1line1 & p1line2
Template:E-card image front Replace image parameter with front if seen on page.

New content[edit]

New template parameters[edit]

In addition to the parameters which were created to replace older parameters as listed in the table above, some templates received new parameters that must be added to existing template calls if they aren't included there already.

Template New parameter(s) Notes
Template:Infobox Villager sign A villager's star sign (e.g. Taurus)
Template:Infobox Villager japanese The villager's japanese name. Replaces the old style of putting it next to their english name in parenthesis.
Template:Villager Info quote The quote that appears on the back of a villager's pic in Wild World or New Leaf
Template:Villager Info pic The image url for a villager's pic in Wild World or New Leaf
Template:E-card prevcard Name of the previous card in series
Template:E-card prevnum Value of the previous card number in series
Template:E-card prevtype The type of the previous card in the series (e.g. Special)
Template:E-card nextcard The name of the next card in the series
Template:E-card nextnum Value of the next card number in series
Template:E-card nexttype The type of the next card in the series (e.g. Hippo)

Template documentation[edit]

This section will provide detailed instruction on the various templates used on villager pages. Not every villager page will use each of these templates; optional templates will be noted as such. If you have any questions about any of the templates used, please post a question on the project's talk page.

Template:Villager Header[edit]

Template:Villager Header is required and should sit at the very top of the wikitext edit box on a standard villager page. It is intended to provide readers easy access to villagers of a similar species or personality type, as well as the master villager list.


{{Villager Header
| species = 
| pers =


  • The pers parameter takes the animal's personality type (Cranky, Jock, Lazy, Smug, Normal, Peppy, Snooty, Uchi, Special)
– For villagers that do not have a typical personality (e.g. Tom Nook) enter "Special" as the personality type.

Template:Infobox Villager[edit]

Template:Infobox Villager is required and should be listed just after Template:Villager Header. It provides the reader with most of the basic information they need to know about the villager. As the Animal Crossing series continues to grow and evolve it will be necessary to revisit the template to update it and add information to the pages that it appears on.


{{Infobox Villager
| name = 
| japanese = 
| image = 
| imagesize = (optional)
| quote = 
| gender = 
| personality = 
| species = 
| birthday = 
| sign = 
| phrase = 
| clothes = 
| favorite = 
| allergic = 


  • When specifying the image, do not include brackets or the namespace (e.g. Example.jpg not [[Image:Example.jpg]])
  • When specifying the image size, be sure to include "px" at the end of the input. Default is 200px.
  • When specifying a villager's personality be sure to use brackets (e.g. [[Peppy]]).
– If a villager's personality changes, use the following format: [[OldPersonality]] <sup><small>(Game or game title abbreviations)</sup></small><br>[[NewPersonality]] <sup><small>(Game or game title abbreviations)</sup>
  • If known, the villager's default phrase in foreign languages may be specified and should use the following format: "EnglishPhrase" {{NA}}<br>"JapanesePhrase" {{JP}}
  • The clothes parameter is used to note a villager's default clothing. If their initial clothing changes depending on the game, make a note according to the following example: Blue Aloha Shirt{{tt|*|{{DnM+|nolink}}, {{PG|nolink}}, and {{DnMe+|nolink}}}}<br>No. 67 Shirt{{tt|*|{{WW|short|nolink}} and {{CF|short|nolink}}}}.
  • Use only the most recent text from the villager's pic in the quote parameter. A villager's WW quote, if different than their NL picture quote, will be noted in Template:Villager Info.
  • The song parameter is used to list a villager's favorite song (plays in their house by default). Please place the song name in quotes (e.g. "Forest Life"). If their song changes depending on the game, make a note according to the following example: "Forest Life"{{tt|*|{{WW|short|nolink}}}}<br>"K.K. Technopop"{{tt|*|{{CF|short|nolink}} and {{NL|short|nolink}}}}.
  • If the villager is an islander, use the favorite parameter to note his or her favorite fruit. Remove this field for non-islanders.
  • If the villager is an islander, use the allergic parameter to note his or her least favorite fruit. Remove this field for non-islanders.
  • The parameters skill, goal, song and style are depreciated and should be removed from the Template:Infobox Villager call if found.
– These parameters were added to Template:Villager Info so you may be able to copy that info there if needed.
- The song parameter was moved to the House template, and can easily be moved there.

Template:Villager Info[edit]

Template:Villager Info displays various villager preferences such as favorite color, genre, style etc. It also provides the reader with ideal gifts for the villager in question, based on that villager's favorite qualities. It is important that the information inputted into the template be from the same source, as different sources use different terminology. For our purposes we will make exclusive use of Liquefy's guides for ACWW, ACCF, and ACNL. The template will need to be included once for each game (Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf only) the villager appears in, each time within the appropriate subsection title (e.g. In Wild World).


For Animal Crossing: Wild World

{{Villager Info
|game = WW
|pic =
|quote = 
|favclothing = 
|leastfavclothing = 

For Animal Crossing: City Folk

{{Villager Info
|game = CF
|favclothing = 
|leastfavclothing = 
|favgenre = 
|favseries = 
|favcolor = 

For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

{{Villager Info
|game = NL
|pic =
|quote = 
|siblings = 
|skill = 
|goal = 
|fear =
|favclothing = 
|leastfavclothing = 
|favcolor = 
|coffeetype = 
|milk = 
|sugar = 


  • The Ideal Gifts table will automatically generate to the right of the villager's preferences. If the table is not generated correctly and instead a red template link appears, you have misspelled or used one or more invalid parameter inputs. Please refer to the Resources section for more information on where to find information to fill out the templates.
  • This template does not work with the new Animal Crossing spinoff titles Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer or Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival at this time. When further information on these titles is revealed this template may be updated to accommodate these games, or a new template may created entirely. Please post any ideas or concerns relating to future titles on this project's talk page.


Template:E-card should appear first, before Template:A-card, within the "Card Profiles" section. It is used to display a villager's Animal Crossing-e card information, if applicable, and also provides the reader with a navigation bar that directs them to e-card templates for the previous and following card in the series. A full list of e-cards can be found at the e-Reader Encyclopedia. Nookipedia does not currently have many (if any) images of card backs, so a back image will not be required for a villager's page to be considered complete. However, if you wish to upload a card back, please use the naming format Animal Crossing-e X-YYY_(ZZZ).??? where X is the series number, YYY is the card number, ZZZ is the card name, and ??? is the image file type (your choice).


| number = (card #)
| name = (card name)
| front = (image of card front)
| back = (image of card back)
| gender = (character's gender)
| species = (character's species)
| design = (name of design)
| song = (name of song)
| clothes = (villager's initial clothes)
| sign = (character's star sign)
| phrase = (villager's initial catchphrase)
| game = (name of game)
| charcards = (number of character cards needed to play game)
| players = (number of players game allows)
| p1line1 = (line 1 of first password)
| p1line2 = (line 2 of first password)
| p2line1 = (line 1 of second password)
| p2line2 = (line 2 of second password)
| description = (text body on back of card)
| prevcard = (name of previous card in series)
| prevnum = (value of previous card number in series)
| prevtype = (type of previous card in the series)
| nextcard = (name of next card in series)
| nextnum = (value of next card number in series)
| nexttype = (type of next card in the series)


  • The parameters image, type, and password are depreciated and should be removed from any existing template calls. A list of pages using these legacy parameters can be found here.
  • As non-villager/special character cards do not currently (as of Aug. 2, 2015) have their own pages, new pages will need to be created for sibling, boy/girl, NES, design, and music cards. The template will then need to be updated to link to the appropriate section of the relevant page featuring the correct e-card template.
– Please contact this project's leader for guidance before creating new pages to host non-villager e-card templates.
  • All of the parameters will not be used at the same time, as some parameters are specific to certain card types.
clothes, sign, gender, and phrase are limited to cards featuring characters.
design - Only used to provide name of design on design cards.
song - Only used to provide name of song on song cards.
game - Only used to provide name of game on NES or boy/girl cards.
charcards - Only used to specify the number of players able to play game on boy/girl cards.
p2line1 & p2line2 - Only used to enter second password on sibling cards.
  • The description parameter is used to input the profile info on villager cards, the dialog on sibling cards, the game instructions on boy/girl cards, and Nook's description on NES cards.
  • The prevtype and nexttype parameters are used to generate the appropriate icon associated with the type of card preceding or following the current one.
– For villager cards, input the villager's species name.
– For special visitors, input "special".
– Icons have not been created for any other card types but are forthcoming. Watch this space for further instruction.


Template:A-card is Template:E-card's modern counterpart that documents the newly released amiibo cards. The template should appear within the "Card profiles" section just below Template:E-card. Once all existing E-card templates have been updated and most A-card templates have been added to existing pages, Template:E-card will be minimized by default to prioritize Template:A-card.


| number = (card #)
| name = (card name)
| front = (image of card front)
| back = (image of card back)
| dice = (dice value)
| hand = (hand sign)
| type = (card type)
| sign = (character's star sign)
| bday = (character's birthday)
| prevcard = (name of previous card in series)
| prevtype = (type of previous card in the series)
| nextcard = (name of next card in series)
| nexttype = (type of next card in the series)


  • The back parameter is not required; the template will automatically insert the standard amiibo card back. However if a card is ever released with a non-standard back this parameter can be used.
  • For the type parameter, please insert the villager's species, unless the character is a special visitor, in which case enter "Special".
  • For the hand parameter, please insert "Rock" for the fist sign, "Paper" for the open palm, and "Scissors" for the peace sign.
  • The prevtype and nexttype parameters are used to generate the appropriate icon associated with the type of card preceding or following the current one.
– For villager cards, input the villager's species name.
– For special visitors, input "special".
  • The template will automatically calculate the correct previous and next card number based on the value entered for number.


Template House details a villager's house in each game, displaying an image of how it appears, plus the furniture it contains, the overall style, and the music that plays per each game. If the villager was in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, an additional image for their RV is shown.



Articles requiring updates[edit]

Villager page work list
Once a villager's article page has been updated, use strikethrough markup (<s> & </s>) to cross out a villager from the list.


These sources are officially endorsed by Project Villager leadership. Please do not use any other sources as they may have incorrect information or utilize unsupported translations. If you have suggestions or recommendations for alternative sources please start a discussion on the talk page.

Parameter Description Acceptable values Game Source(s) Notes
appearances The main series games in which a villager appears

<li>{{DnM}}</li> <li>{{DnM+}}</li> <li>{{PG}}</li> <li>{{DnMe+}}</li> <li>{{WW}}</li> <li>{{CF}}</li> <li>{{NL}}</li>

All [0] -
pers A villager's personality Normal, Peppy, Snooty, Uchi, Cranky, Jock, Lazy, Smug, Special Doub. no Mori
Doub. no Mori+
Animal Crossing
Doub. no Mori e+
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
species A villager's species Special, Unknown, Alligator, Anteater, Bear, Bird, Bovine, Cat, Chicken, Cub, Deer, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Frog, Goat, Gorilla, Hamster, Hippo, Horse, Kangaroo, Koala, Lion, Monkey, Mouse, Octopus, Ostrich, Penguin, Pig, Rabbit, Rhino, Sheep, Squirrel, Tiger, Wolf


If you wish to join Project Villager simply add your name to the list of current members below. No need to post a request anywhere! :)