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I'm Paviinka of Donut, leave me a message! ✍️
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Paviinka is a player who first experienced the Animal Crossing series with City Folk. She has shown in every game since then, the only exception being amiibo Festival. She can be usually seen in a town or on an island with her mom, Mekenzie. She currently resides on Donut.




Paviinka plays as a girl, although in both Pocket Camp and New Horizons she can be seen wearing boy-styled clothes. She has a pale skin and blonde hair. Sometimes, she wears fancy wigs. Her eyes are green. Her clothing colours of choice are purple, red and pink. In Pocket Camp, she can be encountered looking very different in hair, eye and skin colour depending on if she is taking screenshots for the wiki. Her prefered clothing in Pocket Camp is the Wedding dress though.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

Paviinka has a normal personality, although she would prefer the sweet term over normal. She is shy and caring, and may get upset easily. She often feels bad asking for favours. She wakes up at 5 AM and goes to sleep at 10 PM the latest, unlike normal villagers, who are up until 1 AM. She enjoys fishing, though she does not like fishing as much in New Horizons as in previous games, because the fish are blind. She is scared of bugs, but that did not stop her catching beetles on Tortimer Island in New Leaf. She finds fossil huntng rewarding, but often has packed pockets so no new dug up fossils can fit.

Paviinka will get on well with every villager and enjoys talking to them every day. She gets emotional whenever someone decides to move out but is always excited to meet new animals.


Paviinka joined the wiki on March 18, 2020 and has been promoted to Patroller on April 23, 2020. She has made 13,496 edits so far.

She is a part of Project Villager.

Her signature currently looks like this: PaviinkaPapa Bear WW.png(Message me!)

Wiki to-do[edit]

  • Pocket Camp related tasks:

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Articles with major edits[edit]

Added all available NH translations + romanization
Added list of Animal Crossing and New Horizons stationery
Added Animal Crossing and Pocket Camp flooring

Minor edit projects[edit]

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  • Updating most of the New Horizons phrases in the infoboxes
  • Updating some of the New Horizons names in the infoboxes


For list of all Paviinka's upload, see Special:ListFiles/Paviinka

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