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Community Fountain

Welcome to Nookipedia's Community Fountain, your one-stop-shop for editing help and community discussion.

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Current News and Happenings

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Nookipedia News
25th June, 2020
New Horizons - Nintendo released trailer about new summer updates incoming. The wave 1 update features swimming, sea creatures and Pascal. It's scheduled for July 3rd, while the wave 2 update is scheduled for early August.
14th June, 2020
Instagram - Nookipedia recently launched a new Instagram! Follow us as we share pics from our community's adventures, fun facts about your favorite villagers, and more.
10th May, 2020
Double Promotion - AlexBot2004 and AgentParadox are now the latest additions to the Patroller team! Congratulations!
23rd April, 2020
Promotion - Paviinka has been promoted to the Patroller position with 10 Strong Support votes! Congratulations!
8th April, 2020
Double Promotion - A warm welcome to our staff team for Lampshade59276, who is our latest Patroller! Additionally, Dorsal Axe has been promoted to Administrator! Congratulations!

Visit the news archive for old stories.

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Specific Tasks
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Long-Term Goals

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Visit the Community Fountain talk page for general discussions regarding the entire wiki, policy, and any questions editors may have. For issues requiring a staff member, you may use the staff noticeboard instead. Questions may also be placed on the talk page of any active staff member.

Our Discord server is also used for discussions regarding the wiki, along with Animal Crossing and other general topics.

Questions regarding certain wiki articles may be posted on the talk pages of those respective articles.

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Editing Guides
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Our General Policy page highlights major points:

The following pages expand upon certain aspects of editing and conduct: