Sherb's Rainy-Day Respite

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Sherb's Rainy-Day Respite PC.png
Scrapbook image of Sherb's Rainy-Day Respite
Obtain a Clear Kitchen Counter PC Icon.png Clear Kitchen Counter
Appearance  Sherb
Name in other languages
 래미의 반짝이는 홈 파티
 Bercés par la pluie chez Capri
 Bercés par la pluie chez Capri
 El refugio de Morfeo
 El refugio de Morfeo
 Un riparo dalla pioggia
 Auszeit vom Regen
"Peggy and Tex head to Sherb's house for a sleepover. Will the rain dampen their good time?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Sherb's Rainy-Day Respite is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Nap-Time Loft Bed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese レムのキラキラお泊り会
Remu no kirakira o tomari-kai
Rem's glitter staying party

Korean 래미의 반짝이는 홈 파티
laemiui banjjag-ineun hom pati
Ramy's Glittering Home Party

Traditional Chinese 雷姆的閃亮過夜派對

German Auszeit vom Regen

European Spanish El refugio de Morfeo

European French Bercés par la pluie chez Capri

Italian Un riparo dalla pioggia