A Year of Campsite Favorites

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A Year of Campsite Favorites
A Year of Campsite Favorites PC.png
Scrapbook image of A Year of Campsite Favorites
Obtain a First-Anniv. Music Box PC Icon.png First-Anniv. Music Box
Appearance  Goldie
Name in other languages
 今日は 記念日!
 오늘은 기념일!
 Un an de beaux souvenirs
 Un an de beaux souvenirs
 Un aniversario parcelario
 El primer año de campamento
 Il primo anno al campeggio
 Zeltplatz im Jahresrückblick
"Rosie and Goldie have a big idea to help Isabelle commemorate a fantastic year at the campsite!"
— Scrapbook Memory description

A Year of Campsite Favorites is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a First-Anniv. Music Box.


The memory opens with Isabelle commenting that she believed she was finished with something. Rosie and Goldie appear, and Goldie asks Isabelle what she's up to. Isabelle says hello to the two, and tells them that it has been a year since the campsite opened, and comments that time flies when she's hard at work. She says that she wanted to do something special for the anniversary, something meaningful. She says she asked Cyrus to create a music box to celebrate the occasion. Isabelle shows it on display, and Rosie compliments Isabelle's creative idea. She then requests Isabelle to play it for them, and she agrees. Goldie exclaims that the song is lovely, and that Cyrus did a wonderful job. She then admits that she didn't know it was the campsite's anniversary, and wonders if others realize the importance of the day. Goldie then suggests that they could celebrate by surveying each camper what their favorite part of the campsite is, which would get others to know about the anniversary. Rosie compliments the idea, and is ready to get straight to work on it.

The two ask around, and report to Isabelle, saying that most said they admire the nature at the campsite, while others were excited to see friends. Rosie also mentions that someone said that their favorite thing was that they could "show off their muscles here." Goldie exclaims that she's happy that people are comfortable at the campsite. She then remembers that everyone wants to thank the player for their hard work. Isabelle then compliments the player, and says it wouldn't be possible without them. The three call the rest of the campers and the player to celebrate the anniversary, when Isabelle gathers everyone's attention. She says that it has been an incredible year, and thanks the player for their work on the campsite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese 今日は 記念日!
Kyō wa kinenbi!
Today is an Anniversary!

Korean 오늘은 기념일!
oneul-eun ginyeom-il!
Today is the Anniversary!

Traditional Chinese 今天是紀念日!

German Zeltplatz im Jahresrückblick

European Spanish Un aniversario parcelario

Latin American Spanish El primer año de campamento

European French Un an de beaux souvenirs

Italian Il primo anno al campeggio