Relaxation Springs to Mind

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Relaxation Springs to Mind PC.png
Scrapbook image of Relaxation Springs to Mind
Obtain a Serene Outdoor Bath PC Icon.png Serene Outdoor Bath
Appearance  Chevre
Name in other languages
 Tous au spa !
 Un baño de éxito
 Tutti alle terme!
 따끈따끈 힐링 온천
 Tous au spa !
 Un baño de éxito
 Eine Oase der Entspannung
"A new spa is being built around a hot spring at the campsite! How did that come about?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Relaxation Springs to Mind is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Serene Outdoor Bath.


The memory opens with Pompom admiring a hot spring. Chevre thanks Pompom and mentions that her and Flip worked hard on it. Pompom asks the two how they made the hot spring. While digging, Flip finds a small geyser. Chevre then states that the geyser is a hot spring. Flip then asks what to do if it's just going to spit out water. Chevre responds that they can't leave it, and she didn't want it to go to waste, so she suggests that they build a spa so that everyone can enjoy a hot bath. Flip agrees, and the two get to work. Pompom thinks that it was awesome that they found stumbled upon it while training, and can't wait to see the finished spa. Flip asks if they knew what goes hand in hand with a spa treatment, and he answers weight training. Flip suggests there should be a bench press. Chevre disagrees, saying that this place should be relaxing. Pompom and Flip then laugh.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese 癒しのあったか温泉
Iyashino atta ka onsen
Healing Hot Spring

Korean 따끈따끈 힐링 온천
ttakkeunttakkeun hilling oncheon
Healing Hot Spring

Traditional Chinese 療癒的溫暖溫泉

German Eine Oase der Entspannung

European Spanish Un baño de éxito

European French Tous au spa !

Italian Tutti alle terme!