All Aboard the Flower Train!

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All Aboard the Flower Train! PC.png
Scrapbook image of All Aboard the Flower Train!
Obtain a Floral Locomotive PC Icon.png Floral Locomotive
Appearance  Azalea
Name in other languages
 목적지를 향해 플라워 트레인 출발!
 Tout le monde à bord !
 Tout le monde à bord !
 ¡Pasajeros al tren!
 ¡Pasajeros al tren!
 Un treno sulla... fiorevia!
 Blumenlok auf Gleis Eins!
"Before the train departs, Azalea visits with all her passengers to find out where they'll be going."
— Scrapbook Memory description

All Aboard the Flower Train! is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Floral Locomotive.


The memory opens with Azalea by her train, exclaiming that her train is ready for departure with time to spare. She decides to find out where her first passengers will be heading. Apple compliments Azalea's train, stating that it would be a shame if she didn't advertise the train, and decides to head on stage to promote it. Azalea thanks Apple for her service, but mentions it could be dangerous to stand on the stage while the train is moving, and tells her to hold on tightly. June comes over and mentions how cute the train looks, as Azalea mentions that she knew everyone would like it. She asks June where she'll be heading, and she replies that she was going shopping, in which case she states she does not need to take the train, but she could not resist the flower train. She says she thought it would be exciting to be one of the first passengers, and Azalea gives her no doubt. Shep comes to board the train, saying that Azalea saved the best for last. Azalea asks Shep where he's going, but he has no set destination. Instead, he says that he'll get off at a stop that fancies him, and walk around aimlessly. He mentions that he loves to travel this way, as he never knows who he'll meet, which intrigues Azalea.

Azalea starts the ceremony for the train, explaining that one can enjoy the scenery inside and out. She hopes that others are as excited as she is, and the villagers cheer. She then departs the flower train, as her passengers enjoy their time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese フラワートレイン出発進行!
Furawātorein shuppatsu shinkō!
Flower train departure progress!

Korean 목적지를 향해 플라워 트레인 출발!
mogjeogjileul hyanghae peullawo teulein chulbal!
Depart the flower train to your destination!

Traditional Chinese 花朵列車出發前進!

German Blumenlok auf Gleis Eins!

European Spanish ¡Pasajeros al tren!

European French Tout le monde à bord !

Italian Un treno sulla... fiorevia!