Piper's Palpable Performance

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Piper's Palpable Performance PC.png
Scrapbook image of Piper's Palpable Performance
Obtain a Sunlit Garden Gazebo PC Icon.png Sunlit Garden Gazebo
Appearance  Piper
Name in other languages
 파이프와 피아노 소리
 Les malheurs musicaux
 Les malheurs musicaux
 El recital de piano de Bárbara
 El recital de piano de Bárbara
 Le note soavi di Giuliva
 Iris' musikalisches Malheur
"Piper invited everyone to her big piano performance, but rehearsal isn't going as planned..."
— Scrapbook Memory description

Piper's Palpable Performance is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Sunlit Garden Gazebo.


The memory opens with Piper practicing piano. She wishes to perform a show to amaze others, but something about her performance seems off. She decides to take a break, and believes she is missing something special when she performs, but doesn't know what it could be. She runs into a fairy, who turns out to be Jeremiah, which startles her. Jeremiah notices Piper's unhappy look, and Piper tells him about her situation. Jeremiah mentions he heard someone playing piano before she showed up, and is shocked that it was Piper playing. She gets embarrassed that Jeremiah heard her practice, and apologizes to Jeremiah for her awful performance. Jeremiah says there was no need, as he believed her performance was great. He says the only thing she was missing was "some whimsy." He explains that she should have more fun while playing, so the audience would have more fun listening.

Jeremiah lets Piper try out what he was doing earlier, which led Piper into believing he was a fairy. Jeremiah asks Piper if she felt any more fun in her, and exclaims that it was time to turn her joy into music. Jeremiah compliments her performance, and Piper mentions how her positive attitude made all the difference. She thanks Jeremiah, and says she is ready for her performance. She performs for everyone, and they all enjoy it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese レイコとピアノの音色
Reiko to piano no neiro

Korean 파이프와 피아노 소리
Paipeuwa piano soli

Traditional Chinese 麗婷與鋼琴的音色

German Iris' musikalisches Malheur

European Spanish El recital de piano de Bárbara

European French Les malheurs musicaux

Italian Le note soavi di Giuliva