Rosie's Rockin' Debut

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Rosie's Rockin' Debut
Rosie's Rockin' Debut PC.jpg
Scrapbook image of Rosie's Rockin' Debut
Obtain a Yellow Pop-Star Stage PC Icon.png Yellow Pop-Star Stage
Appearance  Rosie
Name in other languages
 부케의 스페셜 무대
 Rock'n Rosie
 Rock'n Rosie
 El gran debut de Minina
 El gran debut de Minina
 Il roboante debutto di Grinfia
 Sophies Bühnen-Debüt
"A special stage has been set up at the campsite for three of your favorite friends to perform!"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Rosie's Rockin' Debut is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must have obtained a Yellow Pop-Star Stage.


The memory begins with Chrissy, Francine, and Rosie on a trio of small stages, the latter of whom has her back turned. In the audience is the player and any other animals at the campsite. Chrissy enthusiastically begins, asking if the audience is ready for their performance. As the majority of the audience already knows Chrissy, she immediately introduces her co-host, Francine, who, after thanking the crowd, announces that the two have something "special" planned for their performance, asking for Chrissy's agreement in the process. Chrissy, agreeing, decides to first introduce their "special guest," who happens to be Rosie as she turns around and reveals herself, to the crowd's applause. Thanking the crowd for inviting her, Rosie declares the performance to be great with her involved, even stating that she has seen Francine and Chrissy's rehearsals. In addition, Rosie is left flattered by the fact that they invited her to begin with.

However, despite this aura, Rosie turns to Francine, out of concern that she may steal the spotlight from them. Francine understands this, telling Rosie that neither of them mind, as Rosie was their special guest after all. Furthermore, Chrissy encourages Rosie to give her all in the performance, boosting Rosie's confidence. With Rosie now confident, Chrissy riles up the crowd while Francine starts the music, as the trio sing to "Bubblegum K.K." During this, the player is left impressed, even stating it to be the best performance they have seen.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ブーケのスペシャルステージ
Būke no supesharusutēji
Bouquet Special Stage

Korean 부케의 스페셜 무대
Buke-ui seupesyeol mudae
Bouquet's Special Stage

Traditional Chinese 彭花的特別舞台

German Sophies Bühnen-Debüt

European Spanish El gran debut de Minina

European French Rock'n Rosie

Italian Il roboante debutto di Grinfia