Campfire Cozy Time

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Campfire Cozy Time PC.jpg
Scrapbook image of Campfire Cozy Time
Invite and reach Heart PC Icon.png Lv. 7 with:
Name in other languages
 다 같이 캠프파이어
 Cancans au camping
 Cancans au camping
 De acampada con amigos
 De campamento con amigos
 Un tranquillo falò
 Vollkorntanz am Lagerfeuer
"Everyone gathers around the campfire to get cozy and share stories."
— Scrapbook Memory description

Campfire Cozy Time is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must have invited Punchy, Beau, Fauna, and Eloise to the campsite and have each of the villager up to Level 7.


The memory opens showing Punchy, Beau, Fauna, and Eloise gathered around a campfire. Punchy remarks the campfire as being cozy, which Eloise follows up by stating that it's been a while since she's been to a campfire, remarking at how exquisite it is. She turns to Beau and thanks him for setting up the campfire and inviting everyone else. Beau, humbled by this, states how he simply wanted his friends to hang out with him. Eloise then suggests that should also be some entertainment to keep them company, asking Fauna to perform a folk dance. Although nervous and slightly underprepared, Fauna agrees, although Punchy misinterprets "folk" as "fork" and is left confused. Fauna suggests that everyone should join in to make it more fun, while Punchy suggests having a snack afterward.

Taken back by this, Eloise begins to address about her past about dancing as a little girl in a small camp, even holding hands with her crush once, which became very sweaty that to this day she hoped that they did not notice. Punchy jumps into the conversation, stating that he once held his mom's hand, yet he never felt nervous, to which Eloise smugly responds by saying that eventually, Punchy will understand, much to his confusion. Beau, watching this unfold, acts proud of himself for having it all go so smoothly, although he wishes he had invited more of his friends along, because despite the group having fun, he feels as though his other friends are missing out, though he quickly realizes that there wasn't enough space anyway. Eloise suggests to Beau that they could go back and tell those that weren't invited about it, and allow them to have their own campfire group.

Resuming the conversation, Eloise asks Fauna who she has a crush on, shocking Fauna and prompting her to say that sharing such information would be embarrassing. Punchy, suddenly confused, asked about what happened with the "fork dancing", as Beau quietly nods his head.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ピクニックに行こう!
Min'na de kyanpufaiyā
Campfire with everyone

Korean 다 같이 캠프파이어
Da gat-i kaempeupaieo
Campfire Together

Traditional Chinese 大家一起來營火會

German Vollkorntanz am Lagerfeuer

European Spanish De acampada con amigos

Latin American Spanish De campamento con amigos

European French Cancans au camping

Italian Un tranquillo falò