Chef Punchy, Entrepreneur

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Chef Punchy, Entrepreneur PC.png
Scrapbook image of Chef Punchy, Entrepreneur
Obtain a Crunchy-Veggie Buffet PC Icon.png Crunchy-Veggie Buffet
Appearance  Punchy
Name in other languages
 빙티 셰프의 연구
 Cédric est aux fourneaux !
 Cédric est aux fourneaux !
 ¡El rey de los fogones!
 ¡El rey de la cocina!
 In cucina con Felix
 Julian der Kulinariker
"Punchy and Ketchup start a restaurant with the mission to make veggies appeal to everyone!"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Chef Punchy, Entrepreneur is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Crunchy-Veggie Buffet.


The memory opens with Ketchup and Punchy standing in a garden patch. Ketchup then does a humble brag of it being the best vegatable harvest. Punchy exclaims that he can finally open his dream restaurant, also stating that the vegatables they picked looked yummy. Ketchup then wonders if their vegatables can be more than just great and imagines that they're so tasty, they could convince others who don't like vegatables to eat them. Punchy, in doubt, says that even the tastiest vegatable wouldn't be good for someone who won't eat any. Punchy then has an idea and asks Ketchup to follow him.

Punchy then makes vegatable omelets. Ketchup then calls Punchy a genius and says everyone will try it. Punchy then explains that he's doing what he did as a kid; when he wouldn't eat his vegatables, his mom made an omelet. Ketchup then says that with Punchy's cooking and her star power, that everyone will love vegatables when they're done. Punchy then states that it took a lot of practice to get as good as he is. Ketchup then says that she had a hard time believing that, saying that he put on quite a show. Then, Ketchup gets the idea of Punchy cooking in front of his customers, as it would be a huge crowd-pleaser, as well as giving them a close-up view of the vegatables. Punchy then says he's going to be a celebrity chef, titled The Omelet Entrepreneur.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ビンタシェフのひとくふう
Bintashefu no hito ku fū
Slap Chef's Slap

Korean 빙티 셰프의 연구
bingti syepeuui yeongu
Chef Bingti's Research

Traditional Chinese 主廚爾光的巧思

German Julian der Kulinariker

European Spanish ¡El rey de los fogones!

Latin American Spanish ¡El rey de la cocina!

European French Cédric est aux fourneaux !

Italian In cucina con Felix