Bluebear's Ice-Cream Party

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Bluebear's Ice-Cream Party PC.png
Scrapbook image of Bluebear's Ice-Cream Party
Obtain a Giant Ice-Cream Sundae PC Icon.png Giant Ice-Cream Sundae
Appearance  Bluebear
Name in other languages
 아이스크림 파티!
 La fête glacée de Myrtille
 La fête glacée de Myrtille
 La fiesta de helados de Celeste
 La fiesta de helados de Celeste
 Festa del gelato di Azzurra
 Birtes Eisschmaus
"Bluebear hosts an ice-cream party. But will her friends get more than they bargained for?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Bluebear's Ice-Cream Party is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must have obtained a Giant Ice-Cream Sundae.


The scene opens with Bluebear, Cherry, Julia, and Mitzi seated around a table, with Bluebear welcoming her guests to a "super cool" ice cream party, laughing quietly at her pun. Julia returns this thanks, stating that despite always being busy, she has still looked forward to it since the day it was announced. Bluebear even states that she had gathered all kinds of ice-cream themed decorations for their amusement, leading Mitzi to look towards an ice cream sandwich sofa and realize it is not food. Still, Mitzi complements how realistic it appears, even stating that she's tempted to lick it a few times. Cherry also complements on an ice cream lamp fitting with the "chill" style, before remarking that she could imagine herself with this kind of furniture in her home. Out of curiosity, Julia is prompted to ask Cherry what her house actually looks like, to which Cherry describes her house containing a guitar in the center, as Cherry, who enjoys writing music, wants to "keep her axe ready" if she wants to play. Bluebear then joins in to complement Cherry's style, as she knows how much Cherry enjoys music, and this style is "so [her]".

Mitzi, however, not wishing to change the subject, takes notice of Julia's eyelashes, commenting that they look more fancy than normal and prompting Julia to ask if she had made it that way intentionally for the party. In response, Julia states that her eyelashes in this case are natural, to which Mitzi further complements them. With everyone preoccupied, Bluebear decides to sneak off and prepare her "big surprise", leaving the others to talk with one another. As she leaves, Mitzi begins to go on another tangent of ice cream being her most favorite thing, reminding her that Cherry, supposedly, hates sweets. When asked this, Cherry replies in shock that she somehow gave that impression, as in reality she loves sweets, sometimes to the point where she can't control herself. At that moment, however, Bluebear calls the rest of the guests over to her, as they turn around in shock to see Bluebear's "surprise": A giant ice cream sundae. Julia, the first to react, is left overwhelmed by how large it is, commenting that it gives her a brain freeze just looking at it, and frantically asks Cherry to eat the entire thing since she likes sweets so much.

In response, however, Cherry is left in shock for being given such a large undertaking, stating that Julia can't expect her to eat the entire thing. Cherry even states it to be too much for anyone, even her. Laughing, Bluebear finally clarifies that the giant sundae is merely a statue, stating that she only wanted to show off her most epic decoration of the party. Julia sighs in relief at this, while Cherry is left speechless. Mitzi, speaking up, states how relieved she is, speaking for all of them that they probably could never finish the whole thing, though she still felt an urge to experience it herself. Bluebear, in retribution, announces that she also has real ice cream for them as well, delighting Julia, who states that it wouldn't be an ice cream party without actual ice cream involved. Plus, she is already hungry for ice cream already, as everyone else begins to eat, to which the player remarks at it being an "ice cream party for everyone."

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese アイスクリームパーティー!
Ice cream party!

Korean 아이스크림 파티!
Aiseukeulim pati!
Ice cream party!

Traditional Chinese 冰淇淋派對!

German Birtes Eisschmaus

European Spanish La fiesta de helados de Celeste

Latin American Spanish La fiesta de helados de Celeste

European French La fête glacée de Myrtille

Italian Festa del gelato di Azzurra