Roald and the Sandcastle

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Roald and the Sandcastle PC.png
Scrapbook image of Roald and the Sandcastle
Obtain a Summer Beach Parasol PC Icon.png Summer Beach Parasol
Appearance  Roald
Name in other languages
 펭수와 모래 등대
 Le château de sable de Reynald
 Le château de sable de Reynald
 Bobi y el castillo de arena
 Bobi y el castillo de arena
 Angelino e la scultura di sabbia
 Roland und die Sandburg
"Roald made a lighthouse out of sand, but how sturdy can that really be...?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Roald and the Sandcastle is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Summer Beach Parasol.


The memory opens with Roald exclaiming that his lighthouse was finished. He bets it will go down in history as "one of the sandcastle wonders of the world." He wishes to show everyone his sand-sculpting abilities, but is exhausted from his work, he takes a nap. As he falls asleep, Dotty and Bob find his sandcastle. Bob smashes one of the sides of the castle by accident, because Dotty had shoved him playfully from behind. Dotty apologizes to Bob for shoving him, and mentions how cool she thought the lighthouse was. Bob realizes that Roald built the sandcastle, and gets an idea once he notices that Roald is asleep. Dotty likes where Bob is going with his thinking, and Dotty suggests to fix it before Roald wakes up.

Roald shouts in his sleep, shocking the two. Bob questions how Roald is always energetic, and Dotty reminds him to fix the sandcastle. Bob cannot remember how the sandcastle used to look before it was smashed, and neither can Dotty. She simply pushes Bob to get done, and says that the details don't matter. Roald wakes up, and asks the two how long they had been there. Roald shows them the lighthouse he built, but notices something was off about it. Dotty comes clean about what happened to the sandcastle, and Bob asks for forgiveness. Roald realizes that was why the sandcastle seemed better than before, thinking he did it in his sleep. He compliments the two for their work, including adding a starfish to the lighthouse. Dotty says she added the starfish to spice it up, and Bob asks Roald about the conch shell he added. Roald says that the conch shell makes the sandcastle look strong, much to Bob's enjoyment. Bob tells Roald that he has other ideas ready to go.


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ペンタとビーチの灯台
Penta to bīchi no tōdai

Korean 펭수와 모래 등대
pengsuwa molae deungdae

Traditional Chinese 企鵝達與沙灘燈塔

German Roland und die Sandburg

European Spanish Bobi y el castillo de arena

European French Le château de sable de Reynald

Italian Angelino e la scultura di sabbia