Muffy and the Eerie Encounter

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Muffy and the Eerie Encounter PC.png
Scrapbook image of Muffy and the Eerie Encounter
Obtain a Hexed Witch's Mirror PC Icon.png Hexed Witch's Mirror
Appearance  Muffy
Name in other languages
 프릴과 신비한 거울
 Charlène et l'étrange rencontre
 Charlène et l'étrange rencontre
 De fantasmal en peor
 De fantasmal en peor
 Morena e lo specchio misterioso
 Marions unheimliche Begegnung
"Booooo! Muffy plays a ghoulish gag on her friends, but how does she explain what happens next?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Muffy and the Eerie Encounter is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Hexed Witch's Mirror.


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese フリルとふしぎな鏡
Furiru to fushigina kagami

Korean 프릴과 신비한 거울
peulilgwa sinbihan geoul

Traditional Chinese 彭澎與不可思議鏡子

German Marions unheimliche Begegnung

European Spanish De fantasmal en peor

European French Charlène et l'étrange rencontre

Italian Morena e lo specchio misterioso