Guided by the Stars

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Guided by the Stars PC.png
Scrapbook image of Guided by the Stars
Obtain a Glittering Waterfall PC Icon.png Glittering Waterfall
Appearance  Lolly
Name in other languages
 Là où mènent les étoiles
 Menudas estrellas
 Guidati dalle stelle
 별에게 이끌려
 Là où mènent les étoiles
 Camino estelar
 Unter einem guten Stern
"Lolly is admiring some flowers that shine like stars, when she comes upon a mysterious path..."
— Scrapbook Memory description

Guided by the Stars is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Glittering Waterfall.


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese 星に導かれて
Hoshi ni michibika rete
Guided by the Stars

Korean 별에게 이끌려
byeol-ege ikkeullyeo
Led by the Stars

Traditional Chinese 星星的指引

German Unter einem guten Stern

European Spanish Menudas estrellas

Latin American Spanish Camino estelar

European French Là où mènent les étoiles

Italian Guidati dalle stelle