Whitney and the Wedding Arch

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Whitney and the Wedding Arch
Whitney and the Wedding Arch PC.jpg
Scrapbook image of Whitney and the Wedding Arch
Obtain a Rose Wedding Stage PC Icon.png Rose Wedding Stage
Appearance  Whitney
Name in other languages
 비앙카의 결혼식?
 Blanche et le vrai-faux mariage
 Blanche et le vrai-faux mariage
 La boda de Lupe
 La boda de Lupe
 Bianca e l'arco nuziale
 Lupa im Hochzeitsfieber
"A special stage has been set up at the campsite for three of your favorite friends to perform!"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Whitney and the Wedding Arch is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must have obtained and placed down the Rose Wedding Stage.


The memory opens showing the player and Whitney underneath a Rose Wedding Stage. Whitney asks the player if they have ever seen this stage before, also remarking at how romantic it looks. Whitney then proceeds to talk to the playerabout marriage, stating that two people promise to spend their lives together under this very arch, and remarking at how elegant it appears. The player nods in agreement, as Whitney continues to monologue about a potential wedding, as the wedded couple stands under, both nervous and excited about the experience. This thought overjoys Whitney, who even beckons the player to imagine it with her. However, the camera immediately pans out to reveal Alfonso standing behind both of them. Shocked and confused about the sight, Alfonso asks himself if a wedding is occurring at that instant. Overhearing Alfonso, Peanut excitedly rushes in, surprising Alfonso as he remarks at how fast Peanut is running.

As Peanut arrives, she is immediately overjoyed by the sight, remarking at how cute of a couple Whitney and the player are. Peanut, contemplating the situation, also realizes how huge a wedding is, asking Alfonso to follow her after the former realizes what can occur from this. However, as Peanut takes off running, Alfonso asks Peanut to wait for him, stating that he can't run that fast, as if he liked running at all. As both leave, Whitney finally feels satisfied, and decides to leave, but is interrupted by Alfonso, Peanut, and any other animals at the campsite applauding her, much to her confusion.

Clarifying, Peanut says that Whitney should have told her and the other animals about this "marriage" as she congratulates her again. Alfonso also states that he, as well as the other animals, are excited for her, even declaring the beginning of his favorite part: the reception. Dissonant, Whitney clarifies that no marriage actually occurred, as she was only admiring the Wedding Arch for herself, much to the dismay of Peanut, who organized the reception with various foods. This gives Alfonso an idea, suggesting that they admire all of the food—as well as the cake—regardless, correcting himself by saying "eat" instead of "admire". The player then apologizes for the inconvenience and decides to throw a party with all of them gathered here.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ビアンカのウェディング?
Bianka no Wedingu?
Bianca Wedding?

Korean 비앙카의 결혼식?
Biangkaui gyeolhonsig?
Bianca's Wedding?

Traditional Chinese 畢安卡的婚禮?

German Lupa im Hochzeitsfieber

European Spanish La boda de Lupe

European French Blanche et le vrai-faux mariage

Italian Bianca e l'arco nuziale