Campsite (Pocket Camp)

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Campsite PC Artwork.png
Artwork of the campsite
Function Player's campsite
Staff Player
Opening Hours All day
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The campsite is the player's own customizable area in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

This is the only outdoor area in the game that is able to be customized. In the top area of the campsite, there is room for two amenities to be placed. Upon starting the game, one spot will be occupied by a generic tent, and the other will be locked. The second plot is unlockable after reaching level 10. Amenities are not movable from these two areas, and are able to be crafted.

In the campsite, the player is able to place furniture, rugs, and fences down to decorate the area. The player can initially invite eight villagers, but after reaching a high level, they can also invite up to sixteen villagers to the campsite.

On the far left side of the campsite, there is a garden that is managed by Lloid who will allow you to buy seeds, plant flowers, and much more. There are twenty plots in the garden. Flowers can also be crossbred here, to make hybrid flowers.

On the upper left of the campsite is where the player's camper is parked. In the camper, the player can decorate, similar to the house in other games.

At the bottom of the campsite, the grass fades into patches of dirt, depending on the season. Initially, the bottom will have a fence around it with a gap in the middle. It will also contain a sign for the campsite. Both are removable via terrain settings. Also initially included in the campsite is a wooden deck taking up most of the upper left of the campsite. This is also removable via terrain settings.

The option to change the terrain of the campsite is unlocked at level 13. Players can select a different design for much of the campsite, including Middle Ground, Foreground, Sky, and Fence. Players can also remove features that came with the site initially, like the sign, and deck.

The campsite's seasons will change like normal seasons do in real life, as will the rest of the map, excluding Sunburst Island.