T&T Mart

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NL T&T Mart Exterior.png
The exterior of T&T Mart
Music (New Leaf)
Staff Timmy and Tommy
Opening Hours 7 AM – 12 AM[nb 1]
Number of items available 15
Expenditure for upgrade 25,000 Bells spent at T&T Mart
Days passed before upgrade 10
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Supérette Mélimélo
 Merca T&N
 Emporio di Marco e Mirco
 Supérette Mélimélo
 Merca T&N
 Supermarkt N & S

T&T Mart is a store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf owned by Timmy and Tommy. It is the second incarnation of the Nooklings' store, and it appears on Main Street. T&T Mart is similar in appearance to Nook 'n' Go from Animal Crossing, Wild World, and City Folk. The store features more items than its previous incarnation, the Nookling Junction, and features the Timmy & Tommy shopping catalog, where the player can view and purchase previously obtained items.

T&T Mart is upgraded from the Nookling Junction after the player spends at least 12,000 Bells at the latter, purchases their house, and lives in town for at least ten days. After the player has spent at least 25,000 Bells at the store, the store has been open for at least ten days, and the Garden Shop has been open for at least ten days, T&T Mart will close for one day and upgrade to Super T&T.

Once T&T Mart opens, Dr. Shrunk appears outside the player's house to request signatures for the opening of Club LOL.


The inside of T&T Mart

T&T Mart sells thirteen items each day, including three furniture items, one wallpaper, one flooring, one Wrapping Paper, one pack of stationery, three tools, two Fortune Cookies, and one Medicine. During certain events the Fortune Cookie will be replaced with event-themed items, such as Fireworks Fountains or Candy.


Timmy and Tommy alternate running the shop throughout the day; Timmy works from 7 PM to 5 AM and Tommy works from 6 AM to 7 PM.


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese コンビニまめつぶ
Konbini Mametsubu
Convenience Store Mametsubu

Korean 콩돌밤돌25
Kongdol Bamdol 25

German Supermarkt N & S Supermarket N&S

European Spanish Merca T&N Shorten name of "Mercado"

European French Supérette Mélimélo

Italian Emporio di Marco e Mirco Marco and Mirco Emporium


  1. 6 AM – 12 AM with the Early Bird ordinance, 7 AM – 5 AM with the Night Owl ordinance