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Isabelle Obon.JPG
Isabelle telling the player about Obon.
August 15th or August 16th
Time All day
Host Isabelle
Main appearances

Obon is an event in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that occurs on August 15 or August 16. It is celebrated only in Japanese towns. During the event, the player may visit the event plaza, where a cardboard cutout for the event is placed, and receive a gift from Isabelle, which can be either an Eggplant Cow or a Cucumber Horse.

If August 15 falls on a Saturday, Isabelle will be standing near the Town Hall, since Nat will be using the Plaza for the Bug Off. If it falls on a Sunday, the Fireworks Show will occur instead on this day, and Obon will fall on August 16.

The cutout found in the event plaza during Obon.