Yay Day

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Yay Day
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Fourth Sunday of January, March, May, July, September, and November
Time All day
Host Villagers
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Yay Day is an event in Animal Crossing: Wild World. During this event, the player and the neighbors compliment each other.


In the days leading up to Yay Day, villagers will practice their compliments when the player speaks to them. On Yay Day, when the player speaks to a villager, the villager will compliment them and ask the player to give a compliment in return. The player will then be able to type a compliment. Doing this increases the friendship level between the player and villager.

Depending on the villager's personality, the villager may not accept the compliment or they will ask the player to give them a new compliment.

After Yay Day[edit]

Further on in the year, some villagers mention the compliment given to them on Yay Day, peppy or lazy villagers remembering them more than others. Most peppy villagers say: "<Compliment>! Why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah! That was the cheesy pick-up line from like, a year ago!" And the lazy villagers say: "<Compliment>! I can't wait to say it to my crush!"