Sports Fair

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Spring Sports Fair
March 20th or 21st
Fall Sports Fair
September 22nd or 23rd
Time 9 AM — 5 PM (timetable)
Host Tortimer
Visitors Copper[nb 1]
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 うんどうかい プログラム

The Sports Fair is a semiannual event in the first-generation Animal Crossing games where the player and villagers participate in various activities. There are two fairs: the Spring Sports Fair, which coincides with the spring equinox (either March 20 or 21), and the Fall Sports Fair, which coincides with the autumn equinox (either September 22 or 23).

Tortimer is present at the events, which take place around the wishing well. After speaking to Tortimer, the player will receive either a spring championship pennant or autumn championship pennant in Doubutsu no Mori+, or a spring medal or autumn medal in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. Each event has its own music, which replaces the hourly music in the surrounding acres. All participating villagers wear white outfits; females have a pink stripe along the side, while males have blue stripes. In the Japanese versions, villagers also wear hats.


There are four events in the Sports Fair, each lasting for two hours.


At 9 AM, Copper heads an aerobics session (same as Morning Aerobics that four villagers participate in, mimicking his actions. The player also can participate, using GCN C Stick.svg to control the motions. Occasionally, villagers will lose their place and start to panic. The event ends at 11 AM.

Foot race[edit]

The foot race is an event that begins right after the aerobics session, running for two hours. Four villagers will participate, while a fifth villager acts as the starter. There is a race for each gender, each involving running around the wishing well five times. The winner and loser of each race will both show emotions after the race is over. The non-participating villagers will be on the sidelines cheering. While racing, villagers will frequently trip over, much to their embarrassment.

Ball toss[edit]

The ball toss is the third event in the sports fair, starting at 1 PM and ending at 3 PM, two hours later. Two teams of two villagers will repeatedly throw balls into a net, while another villager will cheer on both teams. Many of the villagers are confused by this sport, while others will find it pointless.


The final event in the sports fair is the tug-o-war, which goes for two hours starting at 3 PM. Two teams of two pull a long rope across a red line, while a fifth villager waves a red flag enthusiastically at them.


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Foot Race
Ball Toss


  1. During gymnastics from 9 AM to 11 AM