Groundhog Day

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NL Groundhog Day.jpg
Isabelle at the event plaza in New Leaf
February 2nd
Music (Animal Crossing)
Time 7 AM – 9 AM[nb 2]
Host Tortimer[nb 3]
Isabelle[nb 4]
Visitors Mr. Resetti[nb 1]
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Jour de la marmotte
 Día de la Marmota
 Dì della marmotta
 День сурка
 그라운드호그 데이
 Jour de la marmotte
 Día de la Marmota

Groundhog Day is an event in the Animal Crossing series that occurs on February 2. In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it only occurs in the North American versions.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

Mr. Resetti on Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing.

On Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing, Tortimer appears on a podium in front of the wishing well beginning at 7 AM, while four villagers stand by in anticipation of Mr. Resetti's appearance. At 8 AM, Resetti reluctantly appears as the "groundhog" and announces that spring is coming early. Beginning at 9 AM, Tortimer will give the player one of three models based on different types of flowers—the cosmos model, pansy model, or tulip model—each of which having three color variations, for a total of nine items. Only one flower model can be obtained per player.

In Wild World[edit]

Mom's Groundhog Day letter in Wild World

On Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World, the player receives a letter from Mom asking if the groundhog showed up in their town.

In City Folk[edit]

Groundhog Day in City Folk.

In North American towns in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Tortimer appears outside town hall on Groundhog Day. If spoken to he will give the player a Resetti model.

In New Leaf[edit]

Isabelle telling the player about Groundhog Day in New Leaf.

In North American towns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle appears in the event plaza between 6 PM and midnight on Groundhog Day. If spoken to she will give the player a Resetti model. There is also a cardboard cutout in the plaza, where the player can poke their head and stand beside Resetti.

In New Horizons[edit]

The Resetti Model in New Horizons

Although Groundhog Day does not appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a standard event, it appears as a Nook Shopping seasonal event beginning in the 1.7.0 Free Update. From January 25 to February 2, the player can purchase the Resetti model from Nook Shopping.

In amiibo Festival[edit]

In the North American version of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Groundhog Day appears as a minor event in the Board Game mode, with scenarios based on the event playing when spaces are landed on.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Like other minor events in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the villagers will notify the player about this day.



  1. In Animal Crossing only
  2. Ceremony in Animal Crossing held at 8 AM.
  3. In Animal Crossing and City Folk
  4. In New Leaf only