International Museum Day

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Museum NH Map Icon.png International Museum Day  
May 18th — 31st
Time All day
Host Blathers
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
 국제 박물관의 날을
 Journée internationale des musées
 Journée internationale des musées
 Día Internacional de los Museos
 Día Internacional de los Museos
 Giornata internazionale dei Musei
 Международного дня музеев
 Internationalen Museumstags
 Internationale Museum-dag

International Museum Day is an event introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons held from May 18th through May 31st, based on the real-world observance of the same name. During this event, the bug, fish, and fossil galleries will each contain three stamp stations which may change location each day. Interacting with the stations will let the player stamp their card. After obtaining all three stamps from a gallery, the player can talk to Blathers, who will congratulate them and give them a completion stamp and a prize — a plaque based on the gallery associated with the completed card. The stamp rally can be done again, but the same prizes will be handed out upon completion.

In New Horizons[edit]

Stamp station locations[edit]

Bug gallery[edit]

The completed bug stamp card
"I bet some groundbreaking research goes on here."
"It's like I'm part of a bug community. Hi, bugs!"
  • Butterfly Garden — In the right room, at the southernmost part.
"Sitting on a bench at this fountain... is about as classy as it gets."
  • Coconut Corner — In the northwest corner of the main room, near the palm trees and waterfall.
"I bet tropical bugs get to go surfing and lay out on the beach all the time."
  • Singing Forest — Near the entrance to the main room, in front of some oak trees.
"If you listen closely, you can hear a faint hum..." (during day)
"It's so quiet at night..." (during night)
  • Dragonfly Bridge — In the northwest corner of the main room, on the wooden bridge behind the waterfall.
"The reason you can see so many dragonflies near water is because that's where they lay their eggs!"
  • Quiet Bench — On the west side of the main room, where the isolated palm trees grow.
"Sometimes it's nice to take a short breather and relax on the bench."
  • Hiding Bugs — In the back room, next to the entrance to the butterfly room.
"Bugs: Masters of disguise!"
  • Giant Tree — In the northeast corner of the main room, to the right of the large tree.
"It seems the bugs gather for tree sap at night." (during day)
"Is there going to be a big bug battle over the tree sap?!" (during night)
  • Sun-Peek Path — In the center of the main room, just in front of the stumps.
"There's something very relaxing about this space."
  • Shady Path — On the northeast side of the main room, south of the giant tree.
"It seems like the temperate-climate bugs are relaxing here."

Fish gallery[edit]

The completed fish stamp card
  • Serenity Tank — In the main room, in front of the tank holding various small freshwater fish, including the Goldfish, Angelfish, and Betta.
"Little guys, just chillin' in a little tank. Must be nice."
  • The Pond — In the center of the main room, in front of the holding area for various freshwater fish, including the Koi, Carp, and Black Bass.
"I feel like these guys are little aquatic athletes. Go, team!"
"Different fish live in different parts of the same river. Wow!"
  • Big River — On the east side of the main room, between the pond and the giant tank.
"Some rivers are deep, and wide, and looooooooooooooooooooooooong..."
  • The Coast — Near the entrance of the upper room.
  • Coral Reef — On the highest level of the upper room, in the middle.
"Ooh, a colorful, vibrant, warm sea. I want to swim here."
  • Icy Sea — in the northeast corner of the upper room, near the tank containing a giant icicle and housing the Sea Butterfly and various deep sea creatures, including the Scallop, Whelk, and Red King Crab.
"That's as chilly as it gets!"
  • The Deep — At the base of the giant tank in the rightmost room holding various saltwater fish, including the Tuna, Horse Mackerel and Anchovy.
"That is one big ocean!"
"How far down are we?"

Fossil gallery[edit]

The completed fossil stamp card
"'Distant relatives of mammals.' Huh."
  • Aquatic Reptiles — In the main room, in front of the Plesiosaurus.
"They should call this display 'NOT Dinosaurs, Chapter One.'"
"They should call this display 'NOT Dinosaurs, Chapter Two.'"
  • Mollusks/Arthropods — Near the entrance, on the left side.
"No backbone. But still tough, I bet."
  • Vertebrates — Near the entrance, on the right side.
"Now THESE guys have some backbone..."
  • Extinction Spot — In the center of the main room, just in front of the Diplodocus.
"What's that big orb near the ceiling? I'm sure it's fine..."
"What are those silhouettes above and behind them?"

Completion quotes[edit]

Blathers talking to the player after all stamps have been collected
  • Bug gallery

"By my beak! You've finished the Stamp Rally in the bug exhibit!
Your willingness to explore the bug rooms with such gusto is...admirable. I, myself, find lingering there quite impossible!
Anyhoot, here is the prize that was promised!

  • Fish gallery

"Hoot! I say, hoo! Look at you! You've finished the Stamp Rally in the fish gallery!
I say, did you happen to take any photographs of your quest?
Your NookPhone takes marvelous photos. And the fish rooms make an elegant backdrop, to be sure.
Wot wot?! Ah! Of course! Here's that prize you were promised."

  • Fossil gallery

"My feathers! You've finished the Stamp Rally in the fossil gallery!
As the host of these rallies, it pleases me to my pinfeathers to see you frolic amid the fossils so!
Indeed, it is with great pride that I present you with the prize you were promised."

  • All galleries

"Hoot and wot wot?! You've collected all the stamps available today?
To think you've enjoyed the Stamp Rally to such a degree! I can't help but puff my feathers with pride!
I thank you, and I hope you continue to revel in all this museum has to offer."


Furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From HHA Theme(s) Info Customizable Size
Bug Plaque Bug Plaque Not for sale  300 Bells  Blathers
Expensive / Den - No 1.0 x 1.0
Fish Plaque Fish Plaque Not for sale  300 Bells  Blathers
Expensive / Den - No 1.0 x 1.0
Fossil Plaque Fossil Plaque Not for sale  300 Bells  Blathers
Expensive / Den - No 1.0 x 1.0
Includes data sourced from this Item Spreadsheet, compiled by 6480, noizhub, Ricky, chaiinchomp, saberslime, robotic_scarab, mollumisc, sunmarsh, kyrokey, obstinateRixatrix, jackiwi, Zalex, SuperHamster, kait, hyuum, Azarro, Czarcasm, cinnamon_swirlix, astronomyfortwo, Welcius, glowtopia, BriKun, Alyrei,, StevieCoops, sneeze, Shiny190, TwistedPeach, LavaToaster, capstone, vmario, rocklamp, Alexis, and Aeon.