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Scientific name
Juramaia sinensis
Period(s) Late Jurassic
Length 2-3 in. (70-100 mm.)
Selling price 1,000 Bells
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese ジュラマイア
Korean 쥐라마이아
Italian juramaia
German Juramaia

Simplified Chinese 侏罗兽
French juramaia
Spanish juramaia
Dutch juramaia

Traditional Chinese 侏罗兽
Quebec French juramaia
Latin American Spanish juramaia
Russian юрамайя

The Juramaia is a fossil that can be donated to the museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Donating to the museum[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]

"Ah, yes, the juramaia: one of the first mammals, and one of the few to live alongside the dinosaurs! In order to hide from much larger dinosaurs, it was less than four inches long and quite unobtrusive. Some even theorize that these mammals were nocturnal until the dinosaurs went extinct. They needed every advantage to live among those behemoths. They were nocturnal before it was cool!"

Further information[edit]

Juramaia sinensis is one of the earliest known eutherians, or mammals more closely related to placental mammals than marsupials. It lived during the Late Jurassic in northeastern China and shared its habitat with early ancestors of birds, including Anchiornis and Xiaotingia. Juramaia's forelimbs were adapted for climbing, leading some to speculate that early eutherians may have been arboreal.

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