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Scientific name
Archelon ischyros
Sections Archelon Skull
Archelon Torso
Period(s) Late Cretaceous
Length 13 feet (6.5 meters)
Selling price Skull: 4,000 Bells
Torso: 3,500 Bells
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese アーケロン
Korean 아르켈론
Italian Archelone
German Archelon

Simplified Chinese 帝龟
French Archélon
Spanish Archelon
Dutch Archelon

Traditional Chinese 帝龜
Quebec French Archélon
Latin American Spanish Archelon
Russian Архелон

The Archelon is a two-part fossil that can be donated to the museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Completing at the Museum[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

"With a name that literally means "ruler turtle," the archelon was an ancient species of sea turtle. Reaching 13 feet in length and two metric tons in weight, it was a giant that lived up to its name. It likely ate jellyfish and squid, though theories say it may have also preyed on ammonites. Unlike with modern turtles, its shell was too soft to allow it to pull in its limbs for a defensive position."

In New Horizons[edit]

When donating to Blathers or selecting "Tell me about this!" in New Horizons, he will provide the following information about the fossil:

"Ah, yes. Archelon. It was a sort of huge sea turtle. The largest thus far found, if you want to know. They were very sizable—some 13 feet long, with a shell the size of a small car... If you're into that sort of thing. They likely ate seaweed, shrimp, octopus, and possibly ammonites, given the era involved. It seems CERTAIN giant turtles had to be prima donnas and eat some of the oldest life forms on earth!"

The Archelon can be found in the second room of the fossil exhibit in the museum.

Real-world information[edit]

Archelon was a herbivorous marine turtle from the Late Cretaceous period. It is the largest turtle ever known, at up to 4.6 meters in length and weighing up to 2200 kg. It had not a solid shell, but a leathery one supported by a skeletal framework. It lived in the Western Interior Seaway, which went down the middle of modern-day North America, from 80 to 71 million years ago.

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As an item[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

Name HHA Points Feng Shui Genre Size (sq)
Archelon Skull ? Brown (x2) Quirky 4
Archelon Torso ? Brown (x2) Quirky 4

In New Horizons[edit]


Archelon Skull
Interactable No
Sell Price 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 4000 Bells
Size 2.0 x 2.0


Archelon Tail
Interactable No
Sell Price 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 3500 Bells
Size 2.0 x 2.0


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese アーケロン

Korean 아르켈론

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
帝龟 / 帝龜
Dì guī

Russian Архелон

Dutch Archelon -

German Archelon -

European Spanish Archelon -

European French Archélon -

Italian Archelone -